The Movie Server with the best Parental Control

The way you enjoy movies will change forever.

As the world’s premier movie server, the Kaleidescape System stores copies of all your Blu-ray and DVD movies and beautifully presents your entire collection onscreen. The award-winning user interface makes it easy to find the perfect film, or explore your movies and music like never before. Consisting of content storage linked by Ethernet to one or more players, the Kaleidescape System enables you to enjoy your movies at any time, in as many rooms as you choose.

Kaleidescape Movie Collection

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Kaleidescape Child Remote

Kaleidescape Child Remote

With the Child Remote, even toddlers can find and play their own movies, and parents control the content that is available. When a Child Remote is used with a Kaleidescape System, the onscreen display switches to the simplified child user interface, which only offers graphical navigation of movie covers. The child sees just the movies that the parents add to the Child collection. The rest of the content is hidden.

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Kaleidescape Remote

Kaleidescape Remote

The Kaleidescape Remote is a backlit IR remote to control movies and music on a Kaleidescape player. It features one-button access to Kaleidescape user interface views and features (Movies, Music, Now Playing, Intermission, Shuffle, etc.) and easily programmable volume and mute buttons. A Kaleidescape Remote is included with each M-Class player and Cinema One. It is also available separately for purchase.

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Kaleidescape iPad App

Kaleidescape App for iPad

The Kaleidescape App for iPad provides an immersive experience for browsing and searching your collection of movies and music. The app extends the Kaleidescape experience to the iPad, displaying your movie collection with vivid high-resolution cover art, synopses, and other details. It even puts the most memorable moments in movies right at your fingertips – just select a scene or song marked by Kaleidescape, and it plays instantly on your TV. Download the app now

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M700 Disc Vault

The M700 Disc Vault will automatically copy your Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, and CDs.

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A dock apart

The Arcam rSeries drDock pushes the performance boundaries of iPod docking offering greater connectivity, wider compatibility and even better sound through a direct digital connection to the docked device.

Thanks to an ingenious new physical format the drDock is able to accommodate iPads as well as iPods and iPhones allowing an even wider range of apps and services to benefit from Arcam’s legendary sound quality.

Arcam drDock iPad Front

The drDock’s talents aren’t just limited to audio. An HDMI video output allows you to playback your favourite films and TV programmes directly to your home TV. The drDock also comes with its own IR remote handset but can also be controlled by the
Arcam Solo neo and Solo mini music systems plus many Arcam AV amps via their handsets too.

Built in a discreet cast aluminium case and supplied with a full compliment of connection cables and accessories the drDock can be ready to play your favourite music in minutes. The drDock’s USB connection also allows both syncing and charging of your device* while connected to a PC or Mac.

*Charging not available with iPad / PC combination but availble with all others.

Arcam drDock Back


  • Digital dock for iPod, iPhone and iPad
  • Stunning sound quality
  • Digital connectivity for audio and video
  • Full IR remote control (handset included)
  • HDMI Video output for TV connection
  • Control via Solo neo, Solo mini or Arcam AV Amps
  • Stylish cast aluminium caseCharges and syncs your device

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New High Performance Three-Stream WAP

The Industry’s Highest Capacity, Highest Performing Three-stream Ruckus ZoneFlex 7982 802.11n Smart Wi-Fi Access Point for Carriers and Enterprises

Ruckus Wireless

For enterprises and carriers requiring increased wireless performance, capacity, unparalleled ease of use and greater business value, particularly within high-density environments, the ZoneFlex 7982 is the most reliable and highest performing product in the industry. The ZoneFlex 7982 delivers consistent performance and maintains stable connections within high-capacity environments and to smart mobile devices that constantly change their location and orientation.

The simple variation of a device’s orientation can account for up to a 5x performance degradation among Wi-Fi products unable to adapt to such changes. To address these challenges, the ZoneFlex 7982 is the only three-stream 802.11n access point to combine dynamic polarisation diversity with adaptive antenna arrays and transmit beamforming to give customers up to a 4x improvement in Wi-Fi performance, signal gain and reception.

Ruckus ZoneFlex 7982 Inside

Ultra high performance and cost effective

  • Three-stream MIMO 3×3:3
  • Concurrent dual-band (5GHz/2.4GHz) support
  • 450 Mbps of user throughput per radio
  • Up to 9dB of signal-to-interference and noise (SINR) improvement and up to 15dB of interference mitigation
  • Transmit beamforming capable
  • Capable of supporting over 500 clients
  • Novel channel selection approach delivering up to 50 percent capacity gain over alternative background scanning approaches

Adaptive antenna arrays and Automatic interference mitigation

Ruckus Polarisation

  • 2 to 4 times extended range and coverage
  • Automatic interference mitigation, optimised for high-density environments
  • Dual polarised adaptive antenna arrays with 21 antenna elements and over 3000 antenna patterns for ultra-reliability

Concurrent support for HD IPTV, VoIP and Data

  • Support for isochronous, multicast IP video streaming
  • Four queues per client station
  • Delivers 30 concurrent voice calls, 100 simultaneous data users or 20 Mbps of guaranteed user throughput for over 100 meters (line of sight)

WiFi Diagram

Smart meshing increases flexibility, reduces costs

  • Smart Mesh Networking
  • Admission control/load balancing

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iPad type gesture control now with Crestron® Core 3™

The Crestron® MC3 presents a giant leap forward in control system design. Featuring the all new Core 3™ control engine, the MC3 forms the core of the modern networked home, unleashing more power than ever for integrating home entertainment, AV distribution, security and environmental systems. And, with built-in infiNET EX® wireless technology, native mobile and Web-based control, and onboard media rendering, the MC3 affords vast new, more affordable ways to control everything in the home through a streamlined hardware approach.

Crestron MC3 Front

Core 3 OS™

Today’s commercial buildings and custom homes comprise more technology than ever before, and all these systems need to be networked, managed, and controlled in fundamentally new ways. The IP based Core 3 platform is engineered from the ground up to deliver a network-grade server appliance capable of faithfully handling everything from boardroom AV and custom home theatre to total building management.

More than a mere AV controller, the MC3 embodies a distinctively robust, dynamic, and secure platform to elevate your system designs to higher levels of performance and reliability. Compared to other control systems, the MC3 provides a pronounced increase in processing power and speed with more memory, rock solid networking and IP control, and a unique modular programming architecture.

Modular Programming Architecture

Designed for enhanced scalability, the MC3 affords high-speed, real-time multi-tasking to seamlessly run multiple programs simultaneously. This exclusive programming architecture lets programmers independently develop and run device-specific programs for AV, lighting, HVAC, security, etc., allowing for the optimisation of each program, and allowing changes to be made to one program without affecting the whole. Even as your system grows, processing resources can easily be shifted from one 3-Series processor to another without rewriting any code. The end benefit is dramatically simplified upgradability with minimal downtime, whether implementing changes on site or remotely via the network.

Robust Ethernet & IP Control

IP technology is the heart of Core 3, so it should be no surprise that its networking abilities are second to none. High-speed Ethernet connectivity enables integration with IP-controllable devices and allows the MC3 to be part of a larger managed control network. Whether residing on a sensitive corporate LAN, a home network, or accessing the Internet through a cable modem, the MC3 provides secure, reliable interconnectivity with touch screens, computers, mobile devices, media servers, video displays, security systems, and other equipment — whether on premises or across the globe.

Crestron MC3 Rear

e-Control® Remote Access

Years ago, Crestron pioneered the world’s first IP-based control system unleashing vast new possibilities for controlling, monitoring, and managing integrated systems over a LAN, WAN, and the Internet. Today, our many e-Control solutions offer more ways than ever to control your world the way you want.

With e-Control, you can control anything in your home or office from anywhere in the world using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Built-in Core 3 UI™ XPanel technology affords virtual touch screen control through any popular Web browser running on a laptop or desktop computer. Our Crestron Mobile Pro® app delivers the Crestron touch screen experience to your iPhone®, iPad®, or Android™ device letting you safely monitor and control your entire facility using the one device that goes with you everywhere.

Remote access is simplified using the myCrestron Dynamic DNS service to establish a friendly URL for your home system. And should you ever need technical support, your Crestron system installer can even perform diagnostics and implement updates to the system remotely without coming on site.

Fusion RV™

As part of a complete managed network in a corporate enterprise, college campus, convention center or any other facility, the MC3 works integrally with Crestron Fusion RV Remote Asset Management Software to enable remote scheduling, monitoring, and control from a central help desk.

infiNET EX® Wireless Control

Integrated infiNET EX technology provides an extremely easy and cost-effective way to add control of lighting, temperature, and other functions using Cameo® Wireless Dimmers and Keypads, and infiNET EX Thermostats. Adding an infiNET EX remote like the Isys® MTX-3 Handheld Wireless Touch Screen or MLX-3 LCD Handheld Wireless Remote enables sophisticated portable control over everything, whether simply watching TV or adjusting whole-house audio distribution, lighting, and climate control in every room. Perfect for existing structures and rentals, infiNET EX affords ultra-reliable 2-way wireless communications throughout the home without the need for physical control wiring.


Cresnet provides a dependable network wiring solution for Crestron keypads, lighting controls, thermostats, and other devices that don’t require the higher speed of Ethernet. The Cresnet bus offers easy wiring and configuration, carrying bidirectional communication and 24VDC power to each device over a simple 4-conductor cable.

Audio File Playback

Built-in audio signal rendering lets you generate door chimes, phone ringers, and other signals that can be played through the home theatre or whole-house audio system. Load your own custom audio files to sound alarms, provide confirmation when you execute a command, deliver helpful voice prompts, or just play welcome music as the home theatre system turns on.

Onboard Control Ports

In addition to Ethernet, the MC3 includes two bidirectional RS-232 COM ports and five IR ports to interface directly with all of your centralised AV sources, video displays, and other devices. Two programmable relay ports are included for controlling window shades, a projection screen or lift, or other contact-closure controlled equipment. Two digital inputs are also provided for use with Crestron occupancy sensors, power sensors, door switches, or anything that provides a dry contact closure or low-voltage logic signal.

IR Wireless Option

When equipped with the optional CNXRMIRD IR Receiver, the MC3 affords a low-cost IR wireless control solution using any Crestron IR wireless remote or touch screen, such as the TPS-6X, or a third-party universal IR remote.

Emerge Registered

EMerge Alliance® Registered

The MC3 is EMerge Alliance registered and designed to work within a 24 VDC room-level power distribution system. The EMerge Alliance is a non-for-profit open industry association leading the rapid adoption of safe DC power distribution in commercial buildings through the development of Emerge Alliance standards. Crestron is a proud member and supporter of the Alliance. For more information about Crestron Solutions for EMerge Alliance Applications visit:

Key Features

  • Next generation control system for multimedia and whole-house control
  • Core 3 OS™ — Substantially faster and more powerful than other control systems
  • Exclusive modular programming architecture
  • Vector floating point coprocessor and 128KB L2 cache
  • Onboard 256MB RAM & 2GB Flash memory
  • Expandable storage up to 1TB
  • Integrated infiNET EX® wireless gateway
  • Industry-standard Ethernet and Cresnet® wired communications
  • Supports Crestron® touch screens and other devices
  • Available RF and IR control options
  • Onboard e-Control® Web server
  • Supports Core 3 UI™ XPanel Web-based remote control
  • Supports Crestron Mobile® control apps for iPhone®, iPad® and Android™
  • Supports Fusion RV™ remote management
  • Simplified Web access via myCrestron Dynamic DNS service
  • WAV, MP3, and WMA audio file playback
  • Built-in IR, COM, relay, and digital input ports
  • High-speed USB 2.0 host ports
  • Installer setup via Crestron Toolbox™ or Internet Explorer®
  • Backwards compatible to run existing SIMPL programs
  • Full Unicode (multi-language) support
  • Increased network throughput and security
  • IIS v.6.0 Web Server
  • IPv6 ready
  • External power supply included
  • EMerge Alliance® Compatible

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Why 4ward uses Black Diamond screens!

Screen Innovations’ (SI) Black Diamond Fixed range changed the AV industry in 2007 by allowing all projectors to perform well in both bright and dark environments giving customers the ability to utilise projection in applications where only flat panel TVs could exist before.

Featuring Screen Innovations’ proprietary screen material, the Black Diamond screen is able to reflect the light from your projector back with so much potency it actually increases the contrast ratio of your projector by more than 300%. Now you can use your projector in a well-lit space. No more concerns about limiting your boardroom or home theatre to a room with controlled lighting!

SI’s elegant Black Diamond Reference Series projector screens set the standard for high-end fixed screens. Black levels are deep and light scatter is reduced by more than 75%.

If you are looking for the ultimate room decor, any of SI’s screen accent color options can be added to the luxurious 3.5-inch beveled frame.

See how the Black Diamond increases contrast ratio and black levels

Black Diamond Reference Fixed Frame Screen Specs:

  • Sleek 3.5″ velvet contoured frame
  • Patented bungee attachment system perfect flat and uniform projection surface
  • Screen Sizes ranges from 80″ to 113″ diagonal
  • Black Diamond G3 HD 2.7 gain, Black Diamond G3 HD 1.4 gain or Black Diamond G3 HD 0.8 gain material options
  • Lifetime replacement policy
  • Warranty and Lifetime Replacement Program: Screen Innovations has a one-year warranty from manufacturing defect. Screen Innovations also offers a 30-day return policy for non-damaged, unopened products. If returned unopened, there is a 25% restocking fee. Otherwise, there is a 50% restocking fee. No returns are allowed after 30 days. However, should your screen later require repair or replacement, Screen Innovations offers a lifetime replacement policy with a replacement screen at 50% off of retail price. This discount is not applicable for product upgrades.

The Black Diamond is available in three gains.

SI Black Diamond Samples

Black Diamond G3 2.7 Silver – for extremely bright rooms and outdoor applications
Black Diamond G3 1.4 Black – for rooms with high brightness
Black Diamond G3 .8 Black – for dim to dark rooms

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SI Black Diamond Bunji System

SI’s new patented bungee system is the most cutting edge projector screen attachment available. The new bungee systems allows for a fast and easy one person installation and ensures that every screen is 100% uniform.

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  • Custom Sizes
  • Custom Aspect Ratios
  • 16:9 up to 113″ diagonal
  • 2.35:1 up to 142″ diagonal
  • 3.5″ Deluxe Aluminum Velvet Frame
  • CURVE Option
  • Ships in a 10×10″ box

Why CURVE Your Black Diamond Screen?

Why Curve Your Projector Screen Curved screens help compensate the pincushion distortion that occurs when an expansion-based anamorphic lens is used because an inward-curving screen naturally produces a form of “barrel” distortion which can partially compensate for the “pincushion” from the lens. As you can imagine it can be complicated to determine how much curvature you need in the screen to compensate for how much distortion is in your short throw-ratio installation. But even in a general sense, the higher the throw ratio, the less noticeable the distortion, and therefore the less of a “need” for a curved screen.

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The true cinema widescreen experience

Like the guys from Panamorph would say… Who are we to argue with the greatest film directors of all time? If Spielberg, Lucas, Lean or Scorsese wanted us to watch their work framed by black bars, they would have filmed them that way. Over 70% of all major motion pictures are shot in the wider cinematic aspect ratio typically between 2.35:1 to 2.40:1, meaning their width is 2.35 to 2.40 times their height.

Unfortunately, when displayed on typical 16:9 flat panel TVs and projector screens, these beautiful, dramatic, and action-packed films are compressed to fit this smaller frame and sandwiched between two very noticeable and highly distracting black “letterbox” bars, which also represent a loss of brightness and resolution.

Which way would you rather watch movies?

Panamorph Image 16x9

Above is how a major motion picture look on a standard 16:9 projector screen or any flat panel TV. Do you recognise those irritating black bars at the top and bottom?

Below is how the same major motion picture look in true cinema widescreen format using an anamorphic lens systems on a 2.40:1 projector screen.

Panamorph Image 2.40x1

With an anamorphic lens you gain over 30% more brightness and resolution and a 80% larger image. With no black bars.

As you can see from the pictures above, when an anamorphic lens system is paired with a 2.40:1 projector screen and a compatible 16:9 HD projector, the full visual impact of what the film director meant for you to experience is now accurately replicated in the home theatre. Anamorphic lenses paired with HD projectors and 2.40:1 screens provide 80% more image area than widescreen movies shown on conventional 16:9 screens of the same height.

Yes, you read that right – 80% more immersive, dynamic, and involving.

Panamorph Lens Kit

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Improve network performance

HP Procurve 2520 Switch Series

The HP 2520 switch series is ideally suited for small and medium businesses looking to deploy voice, video, or wireless solutions that require Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity. The series consists of four switches: the HP 2520-8-PoE, 2520-24-PoE, 2520-8G-PoE, and 2520-24G-PoE Switches. The four models offer a choice of either Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. All models also include support for dual-personality Gigabit Ethernet ports that can be used for either copper or fiber connectivity. All products are fully managed via SNMP, command-line interface (CLI), and graphical user interface (GUI) and offer a Layer 2 feature set. In addition, the products provide deployment flexibility with compact, quiet, and energy-efficient designs.

  • Fully managed Layer 2 switch in 8 or 24 ports
  • Choice of Fast Ethernet or Gigabit PoE models
  • Power over Ethernet for voice, video, and wireless
  • Energy-efficient design and quiet operation
  • Rack-mountable and compact form factors

HP Procurve Switch Front

Features at a glance

  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Selectable queue configuration
  • Simplified QoS configuration
  • Port-based
  • VLAN based
  • IEEE 802.1p traffic prioritisation
  • Type of service
  • IP precedence
  • Differentiated Services Code Point values
  • Flow control

HP Procure Switch Fiber Module


  • Choice of management interfaces
  • Web graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Command-line interface (CLI)
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMPv2c/SNMPv3)
  • Virtual stacking
  • Network tools
  • Front-panel LEDs


  • Switch on a chip
  • Jumbo packet support
  • Layer 2 switching


  • Manager and operator privilege levels
  • RADIUS/TACACS+ for management access authentication
  • Secure protocols for encryption of management traffic
  • Secure Shell (SSHv2)
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) v3
  • Secure FTP (SFTP)
  • Protected ports
  • Port security
  • MAC address lockout
  • MAC address lockdown
  • Denial-of-service (DoS) attack filtering
  • User authentication for port access
  • IEEE 802.1X
  • Web-based
  • MAC-based
  • Concurrent authentication schemes
  • Custom banner
  • Spanning Tree Protocol Bridge Protocol Data Unit (BPDU) port protection
  • Spanning Tree Protocol Root Guard

HP Procure Switch Rack Adaptors


  • Quiet operation
  • Flexible mounting
  • Compact size

Warranty and support

  • Lifetime warranty

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Furniture-Mountable AV Cabling Enclosures

The Furniture-Mountable enclosures from Extron offers elegant cable management solutions, providing discreet access to AV cables and power outlets. Most of the models are available in black anodised or brushed aluminum finishes and have the capability to accommodate a wide variety of optional connector combinations.

The Extron Cable Cubby® 800 is an elegant, metal enclosure that can be mounted into a tabletop or other flat surface. The Cable Cubby’s lid slides out of the way when it is fully open and lifts easily to close. When the cables are not being used, they can be stored out of sight while remaining connected to the system, offering a discreet way to access cables and connection points as they are needed.  The South African version includes two switched AC power outlets.

Extron Cable Cubby Retractor Installed

Within its base, the Cable Cubby offers adjustable panels with three sizes of hole openings to support a variety of cable diameters. AAPs and AC Power Modules are height-adjustable to suit cable lengths and connector types.

Key Features

• Accommodates up to ten single-space AAP – Architectural Adapter Plates
• Offers convenient access to cable connections
• Top surface is available in a black anodised or brushed aluminum finish
• AC power modules available for South Africa
• UL/c-UL listed and CE compliant

The optional Retractor Cable Retraction System is available in versions to support most AV and data signal types. The Retractor provides improved management of cables within the Cable Cubby.

Extron Retractor VGA+Audio

Additional Features

• Patent-pending cable retraction system maintains signal integrity
• Designed for easy integration with the Cable Cubby® Series furniture-mountable enclosures
• Mount up to 3 Retractor modules on each side of the enclosure, 6 in total
• Cables extend up to 90 cm
• Holds cable securely in place at a user-defined length
• Simple push-button release retracts cable into Cable Cubby enclosure after use

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The best link to the Internet

Draytek Vigor2830 Router

Vigor2830 Dual-WAN ADSL2/2+ Security Firewall series including Vigor2830, Vigor2830n, Vigor2830Vn, Vigor2830n-plus and Vigor2830Vn-plus embedded with 1-port ADSL2/2+ WAN, 1-port Giga Ethernet WAN and 1 USB port for 3.5G USB modem provide flexible and future proof connection choices for current and next generation network (NGN) infrastructure. 4-port Gigabit LAN switch facilitates unified communication applications in business CO / remote site to handle large data from subscribed fatter pipe. The state-of-art routing feature, VPN, security, Dual WAN provides integrated benefits for professional users and small offices.

Flexible WAN interface for load balancing, backup and bandwidth management

Draytek V2830 WAN Port In addition to the ADSL interface, Vigor2830 series have additional Giga Ethernet WAN interface to connect to a second ADSL modem from another ISP or cable/VDSL2/Ethernet FTTx modem. Plus, users can let the USB port as the 3rd WAN interface via 3.5G mobile broadband. In the connection uptime, these three WAN interfaces can do load-balancing to facilitate bandwidth usage. Moreover, they can do failover backup during downtime. If users have different ISPs to provide internet connection to each WAN interface, they can be complete worry-free even one or two ISPs’ service are temporary outage. Besides, its 4-port Gigabit LAN switch can smooth large data transmission of bandwidth consumed applications for today business needs.

Vigor2830 series embedded with tag-based multi-subnet function can satisfy the security needs of distinguishing extranet and corporate intranet by Routine/NAT mode or multiple workgroups by different subnets. Besides, it can configure different subnets to each application, such as VoIP and IPTV to prevent interference.

USB port for 3.5G, FTP and printer server

Not only for 3.5G/4G mobile broadband, USB port also supports printer servers and allows the connection of a USB disk or hard drive for FTP file transfer through the Internet or local networks. The network administrator can set username/password and directory/file access privilege for individual users.

Draytek Vigor2830 Applications

Secured networking

By adopting hardware-based VPN platform and hardware encryption of AES/DES/3DS, the router increases the performance of VPN greatly, and offers several protocols (such as IPSec/PPTP/L2TP) with up to 32 VPN tunnels. The object-based design used in SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) firewall allows users to set firewall policy with ease. Object-based firewall is flexible and allows your network be safe. DoS/DDoS prevention and URL/Web content filter strengthen the security outside and control inside. The enterprise-level CSM (Content Security Management) enables users to control and manage IM(Instant Messenger) and P2P (Peer-to-Peer) applications more efficiently. The CSM hence prevents inappropriate content from distracting employees and impeding productivity. Furthermore, the CSM can keep office networks threat-free and available.

Vigor2830 series support DrayTek’s SmartMonitor network activity management application (up to 30 users), which captures actual live data of activities in your managed network, such as the content of MSN entering to or out of your network. You can track specified files download/upload or view statistics on data type activities to realize what corporate related information have been released accidentally or on purpose.

Draytek Rackmount Kit Black 2830

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Projector lift systems for ease of use and servicing

Are you looking for a better way to access hard to reach projectors in high meeting rooms or lecture halls?

Vogels Projector Lift Extended


The projector ceiling lift systems from Vogels makes it easier than ever before to service projectors that are concealed in a false ceiling. The lift is digi

tally operated and the lift, projector and screen can be controlled by pressing a single button. The sturdy design and optical sensor make it accurate up to one millimeter. Powerful self diagnostics continuously monitor the lift status.

The lifts runs whisper quiet and offer two user-programmable positions: show and service. The service mode lowers the projector to make it easy to reach and service. The lift system is available with two optional ceiling trims and a convenient IR wireless remote control.

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PPA 350 IR transmitter

Vogels PPA 350 Remote

• For use in combination with PPA 360
• Use as extra transmitter
• Use as replacement transmitter

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PPA 360 Remote kit

Vogels PPA 360 Remote Kit

• Can be used with all PPL lift systems
• IR sender, IR receiver, connection block and cable
• Projector service position possible with wireless remote
• No extra wiring needed, just plug it in

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PPA 370 60×60/90×60 Ceiling finishing kit

Vogels PPA 370 Ceiling Kit

• Use with PPL 1515 and PPL 2525
• Adjustable to grid size
• Two sets of strips to create 59×59 or 88×59 cm
• Frame is connected to the lift system with spring supported, adjustable rods

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PPA 380 90×60/90×90 Ceiling finishing kit

Vogels PPA 380 Ceiling Kit

• Use with PPL 2525 and PPL 3535
• Adjustable to grid size
• Two sets of strips to create 88×59 or 88×88 cm
• Frame is connected to the lift system with spring supported, adjustable rods

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