4ward now offers Shading Solutions

Lutron has been the world’s leading manufacturer of lighting systems for more than 50 years. Lutron has opened up a new world of possibilities by seamlessly and easily integrating electric and daylight control systems with a focus on innovation, world-class engineering and customer service. Lutron blends technology with design and environmental sensitivity to provide the ideal solution for any specification.

Lutron Residential Shades

Residential Shading

Daylight has a quality that we respond to emotionally. Colors read true, finishes reveal their texture, and an uplifting quality pervades any room bathed in daylight. As we become more conscious of our footprint on this planet, we realise that making the most of daylight in our homes simply makes sense. Utilising daylight reduces our need for electric light, and saves energy. Lutron shading systems provide precision control of daylight – all at the touch of a button.

Save Energy

Utilise your shading system to save additional energy beyond routine use of shades. “Winter warm” opens the shades, taking advantage of sunlight warming a southern façade. “Summer cool” does the opposite by lowering shades and blocking solar heat gain, thereby reducing your cooling costs. In addition, Lutron shading fabrics are made from sustainable materials for complete environmental and energy savings.

Lutron Wireless Shades

Elegance & Ambiance

Lutron controls are designed to look and work beautifully. Stylish control and fabric options coupled with innovative technology elegantly transition a space to create the right amount of light for any activity. Shades align precisely within 1/16 in of each other for a balanced, beautiful look to a row of windows.


Managing daylight is not restricted to a single wall station in your home. Shading systems can be controlled using a myriad of keypads, IR remote controls, wireless tabletop controls, or set to an astronomic time clock for automatic adjustment of shades.

Safety & Security

Utilise a whole-home shading system for simultaneous control of all shades. By setting a pre-determined scene for “Away”, simply select this button when leaving to close all shades and restrict the view inside your home.

Reduce Glare & Protect Furnishings

Lutron shading systems diffuse light and prevent glare from washing out a computer or television screen. Shading systems also protect furniture, fine art, rugs, and even wood surfaces, from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter by using shading systems to deflect or harness solar heat.

Lutron Commercial Shades

Commercial Shading

Sunlight invigorates the workplace, but can also decrease productivity with glare and over-heating spaces. Regulate daylight in commercial spaces with a shading solution designed to optimise comfort and lower energy costs. Systems can also be automated and integrated with other controls for additional savings and comfort.

Optimise Daylight & Save Energy

Most buildings today are over-lit because lights are on at full intensity while there is already ample daylight in the space. This wastes energy, creates discomfort, and reduces productivity. Couple a Lutron shading system with a sustainable fabric for a complete energy-saving story, and help earn points toward LEED®.

Increase Productivity & Comfort

Preferred light levels and automated shade control are conducive to a productive work environment. Automatically set lights and shades to adjust throughout the day based on daylight available or provide employees with individual control so their needs can be met.

Create a More Flexible Space

Shading zones easily re-configure to allow for flexible use of a room without rewiring. Each zone can be altered to meet specific daylight needs.

SivoiaQS Compatibility

Save Money

Shades block and reflect direct sunlight during the day to reduce the demand on air conditioning systems during the summer. Certain fabrics are dual-sided with a white or silver backing to deflect more sunlight. In colder months, lowered shades can provide an insulating barrier to keep the building warmer. By automatically adjusting electric light levels in response to daylight, electric lighting needs can also be reduced.

Versatile Design Options

When selecting a Lutron shading system, you have the choice of technology, control, and fabric. With hundreds of fabrics to choose from in different opacity and color, a conference room can have sheer fabrics for a meeting but blackout shades for an A/V presentation. Bottom-up shades can offer privacy on the first floor with a dim-out fabric while higher levels use a dual-sided fabric to create a uniform appearance from the outside while deflecting more daylight for increased energy savings.

Mix & Match

Small offices, conference rooms, and whole buildings have different needs and aren’t confined to sharing the same systems if working together. Having all shades work together on one system doesn’t eliminate personalised control if the needs of a space change throughout the day.

ENERGY STAR® Qualified Amplifier

The Extron XTRA™ Series XPA 1002 is a half rack 1U, convection cooled power amplifier delivering two channels of 100 watts into 4 ohms. This professional grade amplifier features a 105 dB signal-to-noise ratio with 0.05% THD+N. The XPA 1002 is an ENERGY STAR® qualified amplifier with an Extron exclusive, highly efficient, advanced Class D amplifier design. It also features patented CDRS™ – Class D Ripple Suppression technology that provides a smooth, clean audio waveform and an improvement in signal fidelity over conventional Class D amplifiers. The XPA 1002 is one quarter the size of comparable amplifiers, conserving rack space and weighing only 2.5 lbs (1.1 kg). The Extron exclusive, high efficiency design generates very little heat and allows the amplifier to be convection cooled.

Energy Efficient Amplifier with Auto Power-Down

The XPA 1002 ENERGY STAR qualified amplifier is an energy efficient product that conserves energy and reduces costs. With an auto power-down feature that automatically places the amplifier into standby after 25 minutes of inactivity, it consumes just 10 watts when idle and less than 1 watt in standby mode.

The XPA 1002 is housed in a compact 1U, half rack width enclosure. This amplifier is UL 2043 plenum rated, allowing for a concealed installation above a drop ceiling to prevent theft while providing convenient placement of AV equipment.

Extron XPA 1002 Top

The XPA 1002 two channel amplifier delivers 100 watts rms per channel into 4 ohms or 60 watts rms per channel into 8 ohms for amplification of voice or program audio content to stereo speakers, or two sets of 8 ohm ceiling speakers in a dual zone application.

The XPA 1002 accepts balanced and unbalanced input signals and includes recessed, detented level controls located on the rear panel to prevent tampering. These controls allow for adjusting audio system gain structure, or setting individual levels for each zone. For applications requiring volume adjustment and muting control from a location other than the amplifier, remote control capability is available using the optional Extron VCM 100 or VCM 200 analog volume and mute controller or VC 50 analog volume controller. Additionally, the XPA 1002 includes multiple protection circuits that momentarily activate when an abnormal condition, such as overheating, is detected. An advanced, automatic clip limiter protects speakers from clipping distortion.

Extron XPA 1002 Diagram


  • Inputs: Balanced or unbalanced stereo on a 3.5 mm, 5-pole captive screw connector
  • Speaker Outputs: Screw-lock, 5 mm, 4-pole captive screw connector
  • 2 x 100 watts @ 4 ohms; 2 x 60 watts @ 8 ohms — The XPA 1002 provides ample power output for larger rooms.
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified amplifier — The XPA 1002 is an ENERGY STAR qualified amplifier and energy efficient product that conserves energy and reduces costs.
  • Professional grade signal-to-noise and THD+N performance — The XPA 1002 delivers professional grade performance with 105 dB signal-to-noise ratio, and THD of less than 0.05%.
  • Extron Patented CDRS™ – Class D Ripple Suppression — CDRS is an Extron Patented technology that provides a smooth, clean audio waveform and an improvement in signal fidelity over conventional Class D amplifier designs. CDRS eliminates the high frequency switching ripple characteristic of Class D amplifiers, a source of RF emissions which can interfere with sensitive AV equipment such as wireless microphones.
  • Convection cooled, fanless operation — The XPA 1002 does not require internal fans or vents for cooling, ensuring quiet, reliable operation. It generates substantially less heat than conventional power amplifiers, making it ideal for rack-mount applications.
  • Ultra low inrush current – no need for power sequencing — Allows multiple XTRA Series amplifiers to be powered on simultaneously without overloading power circuits. This eliminates the need for power sequencing.
  • Power factor correction – removes harmonic content on AC line — The XPA 1002 features power factor correction technology that smoothes out the high peak currents of the amplifier’s current draw, thus minimizing the presence of high frequency harmonics on the AC power line, and therefore preventing audible artifacts from being transmitted to other audio equipment in the system.
  • Rack-mountable 1U, half rack width enclosure — With the capability to deliver full-sized amplifier power in one quarter to one half the size of many comparable power amplifiers, the XPA 1002 reduces rack space requirements for many installations.
  • UL 2043 plenum rated when used with optional Flexible Conduit Adapter Kit — The XPA 1002 meets UL 2043 for smoke and heat release for installation within a plenum airspace above a drop ceiling when used with the optional Flexible Conduit Adapter Kit, part # 70-228-02. Above-the-ceiling placement conceals the amplifier to prevent theft, and is convenient for installing equipment when space inside the room is limited.
  • Auto power-down with fast power-up — The XPA 1002 meets ENERGY STAR qualification requirements with an auto power-down feature that automatically places the amplifier into standby after 25 minutes of inactivity, dramatically reducing power consumption. It quickly returns to full power status in less than one second upon signal detection.
  • Rear panel recessed, detented level controls — Provide attenuation of input signals for adjusting audio system gain staging as well as two-zone applications. They are located on the rear panel to prevent users from tampering with level adjustments.
  • Automatic clip limiter — Detects actual onset of clipping by comparing input and output waveforms. Gain is automatically reduced with a slow attack and fast release to eliminate clipping. This advanced limiter design protects the speakers from clipping distortion and offers superior sonic characteristics compared to limiters that use signal compression.
  • Multiple protection circuits — Activate during output shorts, thermal overload, or DC faults to prevent damage to the amplifier and speakers.
  • Remote standby port — Enables the XPA 1002 to be remotely powered down when not in use, reducing operating cost.
  • Remote volume and mute control port — In basic installations without control systems, this port allows the XPA 1002 to be remotely controlled using the optional Extron VCM 100 or VCM 200 analog volume and mute controller or VC 50 analog volume controller.
  • Bridgeable outputs — The power output of the XPA 1002 can be effectively doubled by bridging the output. A mono source is wired to both the left and right input while the output is wired for bridged operation. Bridging allows power to be output at 200 watts into 8 ohms or 120 watts into 16 ohms. The minimum load impedance when bridging is 8 ohms. See manual for complete wiring details.
  • 5 mm screw-lock captive screw speaker connectors — Enable simple, secure connections with 22 to 12 AWG speaker cables.
  • Front and rear-mounted signal and protection indication LEDs — Provide convenient indication of input signal presence and protection circuit activation from both sides of an equipment rack.
  • Front panel over-temperature LED — Provides visual indication that the enclosure temperature has exceeded the optimal value, well in advance of the onset of thermal protection circuitry.
  • Internal universal power supply — The 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, international power supply provides worldwide power compatibility.

Hollywood Tuned Full-HD 3D Projector

Yes I know this is not the latest 4K2K projector on the market but I thought it would be great to inform all our movie lovers that this is still the best valued Full-HD 3D projector on the market today.  The Panasonic PT-AE7000E was the first Full-HD 3D projector launched in the industry in September 2011 and still our favorite cost effective projector for Home Theatres and upmarket Corporate Boardrooms. No plasma, LCD or LED TV could ever complete with this projector in a controlled lighting environment.

Below a detailed breakdown of the PT-AE7000E.

The PT-AE7000E Full-HD 3D Home Cinema Projector was developed according to the Panasonic philosophy of providing images that mirror the directors artistic vision and intent right in your own home. The PT-AE7000E has also been redesigned from the ground up to achieve higher basic 2D performance, and packed with unique 3D features to deliver the level of quality demanded by Hollywood professionals.

Panasonic Picture

Intelligent Lens Memory with Auto Detection

Up to six settings can be stored in the Lens Memory, including zoom and focus positions for projecting in the normal 16:9 or 4:3 image ratio, and wide cinema projection settings. These memories can be recalled manually or can be set for automatic switching. The projector is able to detect 2.35:1 and 16:9 source and retrieve the stored setting automatically. This Lens Memory function lets you easily enjoy images with different image ratios on a wide 2.35:1 screen for an immersive movie theater-like experience.

Panasonic Lens Memory

2x Optical Power Zoom/Focus with Wide Lens Shift Range

A 2x optical power zoom/focus lens and a lens shift function together make it possible to project a 120-inch picture from as close as 3.6 meters (11 feet 10 inches) to the screen or as far as 7.2 meters (23 feet 7 inches) away. In addition, the image can be shifted ±100% vertically, and ±26% horizontally. This gives you outstanding setup flexibility. If you choose to ceiling-mount the projector, you can zoom and focus by remote control.

Panasonic Lens Shift

Waveform Monitor for Precise Calibration

With the PT-AE7000E you can view the waveforms on the screen and adjust the settings both automatically and manually as you prefer.

Panasonic Waveform

Advanced Gamma Adjustment Function0

The gamma curve can be flexibly controlled, allowing precise calibration according to the signal source and environment. Brightness (Y), R, G and B can each be adjusted at any nine points. Adjustment point positions can be shifted both horizontally and vertically to bring out the desired gradation level.

Panasonic Gamma

Split Adjust Mode for Easy Picture Adjustment

You can freeze any scene you wish, and then make adjustments while easily comparing the original image and the adjusted image side by side.

Panasonic Easy Picture

Cinema Colour Management Premium Enables Flexible Colour Control

This color correction system enables free color control in two different modes. The Point Color Correction mode lets you pick a point in the image and adjust that color without affecting the neighboring colors. The Six Color Correction mode enables independent adjustment of red, green, blue, cyan, magenta and yellow.

Panasonic Adjust

Abundant Connection Terminals

HDMI™ with x.v.Color™ and Deep Color

The PT-AE7000E has three HDMI input terminals for digital transmission without image degradation. The HDMI input terminals also support Deep Color and the x.v.Color color space. Deep Color provides 10-bit (over 1.07 billion) and 12-bit (over 68.7 billion) color depths for smooth gradation between colors, while x.v.Color compliance reproduces natural, lifelike images.** Effective in Rec. 709 image mode.

Programmable 12V Trigger for Automated Theater Setup

Two 12V triggers are provided.* Since the input and output can be set independently (menu selectable), they can link flexibly with powered screens, room light and powered curtains. When combined with the Intelligent Lens Memory, they let you create a truly classy home theater.* The trigger terminals also operate as the 3D shutter outputs to connect the optional 3D IR transmitter ET-TRM110.

Panasonic Rear Inputs

VIERA Link for Easy Operation

The PT-AE7000E supports VIERA Link. If your home theater system contains VIERA Link-ready equipment, projection can be started by using only the remote control unit of the PT-AE7000E, regardless of whether the source is a Blu-ray Disc or a TV program stored on an HD recorder. This eliminates the need for hassling with several remote controls.** Cannot be used simultaneously with TV that supports VIERA Link. Some operations may not be available depending on the equipment. In this case, use its own remote control to operate the equipment.

Panasonic Vierra

Up to 5,000 Hour Lamp Replacement Cycle* and Simple Maintenance

Panasonic’s proprietary lamp drive system helps maintain lamp performance, resulting in a up to 5,000-hour lamp replacement cycle. For easy maintenance, you can replace the filter from the side and the lamp from the top of the projector. The dust filter and lamp are easily replaced even after the PT-AE7000E is installed on the ceiling.

Panasonic Lens Service

* When a lamp power is set to ECO. The lamp replacement cycle is up to 4,000 hours when the lamp mode is set to NORMAL. The values above are maximum values when they are used in cycles of being turned on for 2 hours and off for 0.25 hours. When the lamps are turned on and off more frequently, the lamp replacement cycle is shortened. The usage environment affects the lamp replacement cycle.

4ward appoints new Financial Manager

Henrien van der WaltWe take great pleasure in announcing Henrien van der Walt as 4ward’s new Financial Manager in Cape Town. Henrien comes with an impressive track record, having been involved in the Professional and Home AV market since 1999, she has also worked with the founding members of 4ward since 1999.

Henrien’s knowledge of a complicated industry played a fundamental part in securing her the position, and with this replaces Vivian du Toit as the company’s current Financial Manager.

Knowing the growing demands at 4ward, Henrien’s first task will be to employ three new staff members over the next few weeks to join her team at 4ward. In line with this three new technical staff members will also be employed in the Johannesburg office.

Comments Henrien: “I am very grateful with this opportunity and have been preparing myself for this position over the past 2 years.  I have been part of the 4ward team for so many years and know that accuracy and customer satisfaction is our no.1 priority.”

Vivian will be pursuing a career in Stellenbosch, which has always been a dream of his. We wish Vivian all the best with his new venture.

4ward joins Facebook

4ward joins Facebook

To all our Facebook lovers…. We have listened to your requests and launched our 4ward Facebook page on the 8th of June 2012.  We hope you enjoy the ongoing content and looking forward to your replies and Likes in the near future.

Click here to visit our new Facebook page!

Konkola Copper Mines appoints 4ward-design

Konkola Copper Mines appoints 4ward-design

Konkola Copper Mines PLC

Video Conferencing and Home Automation specialist 4ward-design has been appointed by Konkola Copper Mines to design an executive boardroom solution for their Lusaka Head Office.

Comments 4ward co-founder, Darryl Katz: “we are thrilled and honoured to be brought on board to deliver a seamless boardroom solution to KCM, Zambia’s largest private sector employer’s new Head Office.”

Konkola Copper Mines, an integrated copper producer, is a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources Plc, a London-listed diversified FTSE 100 metals and mining group with operations in India, Australia, Namibia, South Africa, Ireland and Zambia. KCM, currently in the process of opening their Lusaka Head Office has briefed 4ward-design to deliver a boardroom solution with a design which integrates and controls its various aspects via a Crestron control system.

“The elements that are to be controlled are the Polycom HD Video Conference System, control of all the VC lights, projector, motorised projector screen, blinds and the DSTV system,” adds Derek Olivier, co-founder of 4ward-design.

“This project will be in keeping with our philosophy, to harmonise our client’s technology experience by designing stable installations with specifically selected components and with the user experience in mind,” says Katz.

Wireless Microphones with Advanced Encryption

The new Shure ULX-D™ Digital Wireless Microphones offers uncompromising audio clarity and extremely efficient RF performance with rugged, intelligent, encryption-enabled hardware. Advanced rechargeability options eliminate the need for disposable batteries while extending usage times and life cycle.

Generations ahead of any other available system in its class, ULX-D Digital brings a new level of performance to professional sound reinforcement.

Uncompromising Professional Digital Wireless

  • 24-Bit / 48 kHz digital audio delivers incredibly clear and accurate reproduction of the source material
  • Wide frequency range with flat response for superb low range and transient response
  • Greater than 120 dB dynamic range provides excellent signal-to-noise performance
  • Encryption-enabled for any application for which secure transmission is needed
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) conforming to the US Government National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) publication FIPS-197
  • Enabled via front panel menu on the receiver and sent over IR sync
  • A new, unique, randomised encryption key is generated every time encryption is enabled
  • Wide selection of trusted Shure Microphones, including the legendary SM58®

Shure ULXD4 Front

Extremely Efficient and Reliable RF Performance

  • Up to 64 MHz overall tuning range (region dependent)
  • Up to 14 active transmitters in one 6 MHz TV channel (17 on an 8 MHz TV channel)
  • Over 60 compatible channels on one frequency band
  • Rock-solid signal stability with no audio artifacts extends over the entire 100 meter line-of-sight range using standard supplied dipole antennas

Rugged, Intelligent Hardware

  • Optimised scanning automatically finds and deploys the cleanest frequencies available
  • Proprietary Shure Gain Ranging optimises the system’s dynamic range for any input source, eliminating the need for transmitter gain adjustments
  • Up to 60 dB of adjustable system gain is easily accessible from the receiver front panel
  • Upgraded LCD screens with adjustable contrast and brightness on both transmitters and receivers
  • Rugged metal housing on both transmitters and receiver
  • Interference detection and alerts provide instant confirmation when interference is present
  • Ethernet networking for streamlined setup across multiple receivers, Wireless Workbench® 6 integration (coming soon), and AMX/Crestron control
  • Support for frequency coordination with the Axient™ Spectrum Manager (coming soon)

Shure ULXD4 Back

Advanced Rechargeability – SB900 Shure Rechargeable Battery

  • Adapted from industry-leading Axient™ intelligent power management technology
  • Lithium-Ion chemistry and intelligent Shure battery circuitry results in rechargeable batteries with zero memory effect. The battery can be recharged at any time; a complete discharge is never necessary
  • Provides ULX-D transmitters with unmatched 12+ hours of performance time
  • Transmitters and receivers display remaining battery life in hours and minutes accurate to within 15 minutes
  • SBC200 Dual Docking Charger recharges batteries while inside or outside transmitters
  • Up to four SBC200s can be linked together to provide docked charging of eight transmitters from one power supply
  • The SBC800 Eight-Bay Charger brings up to eight SB900 batteries to full charge within three hours and 50% charge in one hour, with charge status LEDs for each battery
  • AA alkaline backwards compatibility
  • Both chargers fit in a standard-size rack drawer for easy transport and storage

Capture your audience’s attention

The Christie® MicroTiles® will just do that!  This new video wall technology provide the capability to capture your audience’s attention – your way, just as you envisioned it, without having to worry if there is a technology out there worthy of displaying your content. Uniting spectacular colors, superior image quality and modular flexibility like no other visual solution can; MicroTiles are designed to meet your needs.

Taking display technology to a new level, Christie MicroTiles are built on proven DLP® technology and specifically designed for maximum image quality in demanding indoor, high-ambient light environments. Christie MicroTiles are ideal for a wide range of demanding applications, including architectural elements, out-of-home advertising, command and control video walls, and event production.

Using the strengths of both DLP projection and Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology, Christie MicroTiles offer substantially brighter images and a much wider color palette than conventional flat panel LCD and plasma displays. With no practical limit to the number of tiles in a display, Christie MicroTiles produce a virtually seamless canvas with an unlimited number of super-fine pixels.

Christie Microtiles Portrait

When Color Matters

Christie MicroTiles offer you color reproduction capability that is a full 115 percent of the NTSC color gamut and exceeds standard LCD flat panels by more than 50 percent. When you need a specific red, it delivers that red; brown – no longer a challenge. Maintain creative intent, your brand integrity and your vision by using Christie MicroTiles.

Higher Resolution

In this pixel powerhouse, you get 70x more pixels than the most popular 4mm surface-mount display LEDs. Your logo will never look blurred. Your art will always look flawless. Your geographical content will never be misleading. And your message will be seen.

Christie MicroTiles Higher Resolution

Any shape, Any Size

Limited only by your imagination, MicroTiles can be configured in any shape and any size. See your ideas come to life, wherever, whenever and however you want.

Christie MicroTiles Shapes

Lightweight, modular tiles lock together quickly and easily like building blocks. Sit back while the tiles automatically detect each other and display an image on the screen. Tear the tiles down, reconfigure them and they’ll still automatically recognise each other.

Long Lasting Reliability

Reliable solid-state components, including LEDs rated at 65,000 hours to half brightness, mean no lamps or consumables to replace for more than seven years! With Christie MicroTiles, you can be sure your message will be displayed reliably and consistently, just as you envisioned.

Automatic Color and Brightness Matching

These visual building blocks have built-in sensors that monitor each LEDs performance, allowing the system to detect each tile in the array, and automatically adjust brightness and color during set-up and continuously over the life of your display.

Christie MicroTiles Calibration

No Pixel Left Behind

With the ultra-thin seam between tiles, you can know that all the information you need is visible, with no important content left behind.

Christie MicroTiles Seams

Easy To Service

Each tile is 100 percent front accessible, allowing you to repair or replace any serviceable component in less than 15 minutes, without having to turn off or bring down any of the other tiles.

Christie MicroTiles Servicing

The Greener Choice

RoHS Compliant

Christie is on the leading edge of greener solutions in this industry. That’s why we’ve created a product with no consumables. No consumables are a big deal in today’s environment. We’re Restriction of Hazardous Substances compliant and have built-in eco-power consumption modes. MicroTiles are an ideal choice for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design projects, and for any building where environmental standards must be met.