LifeSize® UVC Video Engine™ for Microsoft® Lync™

HD Video Calls from the Desktop to the Meeting Room with LifeSize and Microsoft Lync.

The new LifeSize UVC Video Engine for Microsoft Lync works together with LifeSize 220 Series and LifeSize Passport room-based video systems to deliver the highest quality, most flexible and most cost-effective solution for continuous-presence HD video calls with Microsoft Lync.

Microsoft Lync

LifeSize 220 Series and LifeSize Passport video systems* are fully interoperable with Microsoft Lync, including registration, presence and click-to-call functionality. UVC Video Engine adds support for RTVideo to deliver the HD-quality meeting-room experience you expect from LifeSize, now with Microsoft Lync.

Ideal for organizations deploying Lync video calling at the desktop and in meeting rooms, UVC Video Engine works seamlessly with the embedded multipoint (MCU) in Room 220 and Team 220 to deliver continuous-presence HD video calls with Lync, instead of VGA and active-talker video from the Lync AV MCU.

HD Quality

Enjoy the LifeSize HD video experience in your Microsoft Lync environment with HD 720p video for natural, face-to-face interactions—the highest quality video call available with Microsoft Lync.


Deploy and grow on your terms with either hardware or virtual machine software options. Delivered via the LifeSize UVC Platform with scalable provisioning and growth, LifeSize Video Engine for Microsoft Lync offers you simple, web-based management and server administration.


Collaborate seamlessly with native Lync integration of LifeSize video systems, ensuring simple, easy setup and use. Bridge Lync with standards-based video calls and connect with non-Lync partners outside your company. LifeSize room-based video systems connect to both PCs and Macs through Lync and push presence and contact lists for easy, click-to-call functionality. LifeSize video systems utilize Microsoft Edge servers for firewall traversal, providing reliable calling and greater security.

LifeSize UVC Platform

LifeSize UVC Video Engine for Microsoft Lync is part of the LifeSize UVC Platform. Available as virtual machine software or hardware, the UVC Platform enables immediate deployment of LifeSize UVC Video Engine for Microsoft Lync with an easy try-before-you-buy option. With LifeSize UVC Video Engine for Microsoft Lync, you’ll maintain complete control of your HD video calls within the Microsoft Lync environment with simple, web-based management and server administration for more effective video collaboration, anywhere, anytime.

LifeSize® UVC Video Engine™ for Microsoft® Lync™

    • HD Quality Up to 720p30: Flexible Capacity. Buy what you need and scale as you grow
  • Flexible Deployment: Offered as virtual machine software or hardware appliance
  • Native Lync Integration with LifeSize 220 Series and LifeSize Passport: Registration, presenceand click-to-call
  • Continuous Presence: Embedded MCU in Room 220 and Team 220 video systems enable up to 4-way HD video
  • Transcoding: Lync RTVideo <-> H.264 for VGA and HD (720p) video calling with Lync
  • Simplified Management: Web-based management and server administration
  • Interoperable: Bridge Lync with standards-based video calls and connect with non-Lync colleagues and contacts outside your company

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The future of education is in your hands

The future of education is in your hands

The SMART Response™ VE interactive response system from SMART Technologies is a cloud-based software solution that enables students to respond to planned and spontaneous questions and take quizzes using any of their favorite Internet-enabled devices, from anywhere. SMART Response VE integrates with SMART Notebook collaborative learning software, providing you with one application for creating lessons and delivering assessments. With a cost-effective subscription to SMART Response VE, you’ll automatically receive the latest features and software upgrades, enabling you to stay ahead of the technology curve.

Engage students on any device, anywhere in the world

Keep students interested, involved and participating in lessons by giving them a way to individually respond to teacher questions using the mobile devices they love and use every day. Supporting a variety of Internet browsers, SMART Response VE is designed to provide a consistent experience across all Internet-enabled devices, such as tablets, smartphones or laptops.

Smart Interface Platform

During lessons, students can access the website for SMART Response VE from anywhere in the world, and they can see the question exactly as it appears in your SMART Notebook lesson, giving you the ability to gauge their progress and evaluate their understanding no matter where they are located.

Smart Tablet Display

Deliver a seamless learning experience

Seamlessly transition between lesson delivery and student assessment. SMART Response VE is fully integrated with SMART Notebook software, consolidating lesson creation, delivery and assessment within a single application.

And because SMART Response VE requires no software installation on students’ devices, students can respond to planned or spontaneous assessments during lessons using any Internet-enabled device.

Smart Learning Experience

Evaluate student understanding

SMART Response VE provides everything you need to spontaneously add questions to lessons or easily prepare quizzes, tests and exams. Once students respond to questions using their mobile devices, the results are summarised in a pie chart or bar graph in SMART Notebook software.

Smart Student Evaluation

By seeing how students respond to your questions, you can adjust your teaching on the fly and be assured that every student understands the lesson. With the included Teacher Tools, test results are automatically added to the built-in gradebook and saved in a single file, which helps you organise data. You can tag questions by educational standards and cognitive levels, helping you track performance and identify areas for student improvement. The gradebook’s privacy mode allows you to restrict viewing of sensitive information, such as student identification data and test scores.

Smart Student Evaluation Graph

Stay ahead of the technology curve for student assessment

SMART Response VE offers educators a future-proof solution for student assessment, lowering total cost of ownership and giving educators a higher return on investment. The cost-effective subscription model also ensures that you’ll always have the latest features and software upgrades.

With students using any Internet-enabled mobile device to complete formative or summative assessments, educators have the flexibility of investing in a variety of mobile devices while continuing to use SMART Response VE. And the browser-based assessment delivery means no software installation is required for the students’ devices.

Smart Student Assessment

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Download the brochure or contact our sales team today for more information.