Polycom EagleEye Director | Advanced Control

Better Meeting Experiences through Automatic Camera Control

Imagine a video conference meeting where your participants can interact with each other without the need to control the video conference cameras manually. This is now possible with the EagleEye Director from Polycom®.

The Polycom® EagleEye Director is a voice locating camera system that will greatly improve usability for all users in a video conference. This innovative technology uses either voice locating or track-to-presets to allow greater flexibility in an array of different room configurations.

A virtual cameraman and director for every video conference

  • Voice-locating camera tracker that automatically locates active speakers in room
  • Dual-camera system mimics a TV broadcast that uses multiple camera views
  • Voice location for entire room; camera tracker locates through voice and facial recognition
  • Works in a variety of rooms with voice-locating or track-to-preset technology
  • The EagleEye Director intelligent software, dual cameras and advanced microphones automatically and seamlessly transition between live shots of the active speaker and group, allowing participants to focus on their meeting topic and freeing them using the remote to manually pan, tilt, and zoom.

Innovation Leads to Precision

The Polycom EagleEye Director camera tracker has powerful processing technology built into the base of the unit allowing it to be used with any Polycom HDX® Room video system. An array of seven microphones allows the EagleEye Director camera tracker to locate voices in a variety of room shapes and sizes.

Locate, Recognise, Zoom

Once a voice has been located in the room, the EagleEye Director camera tracker then relies on facial recognition algorithms to determine if the user is speaking to other users in the room or to the far end. The camera will automatically zoom in and position the speaker in the right proportion. This three-step process gives the far-end participants an immersive experience.

Users may choose to have the camera locate voices in one of the 99 preset camera locations. This is ideal for classrooms and other environments where room layouts may be more challenging.

[image src=”http://www.4ward-design.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/eagleeye-director-system.png” align=”center” caption=”” link=”” link_type=”” target=”” alt=”Eagleeye Director System”]

Polycom EagleEye Director Benefits

  • Optimised viewing experiences for every video conference — The EagleEye Director camera tracker automatically positions the live speakers in the center of the monitor, eliminating the need to use the remote control to pan, tilt, and zoom.
  • Increased usage — Users will find the video experience is improved, reducing conference fatigue and increasing their productivity
  • Setup is simple — Limited required cables make setup quick and easy
  • Natural conference participation — No IR receiver to wear or additional peripherals to use to locate speakers in the room

Polycom EagleEye Director Features

  • Quickly turns impersonal conferences into more interactive and personal experiences with face-to-face communications
  • Simple setup for all Polycom HDX® room video systems with one single cable connected to codec
  • No user control is needed; no “on-stage technician” with remote control trying to move the camera necessary
  • Improved meeting experiences with more natural communications
  • Compatible with all Polycom HDX® Room video systems

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