automation into africa

Taking Automation into Africa

4ward-design may be a South African company, but our work is not confined to our country alone, and you can find 4ward-design projects in many places across the globe. Our position in South Africa, however, makes us ideally located to access what has become one of our fastest-growing markets: the African continent and the islands off her shores.

We are currently busy on projects in the Congo, Zambia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and the Seychelles, we have also completed projects in Tanzania, Ghana and Botswana.

The rising demand for automation, video conferencing and energy management systems in Africa can likely be attributed to the increasing numbers of local and international developers, investors and corporations becoming active in the region. Apart from the operational needs of these businesses, their presence has also sparked a need for world-class hospitality facilities and a desire for high-end residential installations as well. These three categories form the basis of 4ward-design’s work in Africa.

4ward-design’s projects in Africa

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