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Effective Supplier Collaboration with Smart Home Technologies 

We are often called in to assist clients with faulty systems installed by other operators. The larger issue lies not in the fact that so many systems end with faults, but that these instances go hand-in-hand with a lack of hand-over documents. In today’s world, we have ample smart home technologies to assist in system documentation. This post will outline how vital proper planning and documentation is for effective collaboration between parties involved in property development and maintenance.

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Lindy receiving her prize from_4Ward’s Co-Founder, Darryl Katz

Home Smart Home Campaign – 4Ward Design

4Ward ran an exciting brand awareness campaign aptly named ‘Home Smart Home’ between August and October this year. The campaign was intended to create brand awareness and generate engagement with the 4ward Design brand via an amazing R60 000 home theatre prize.

The campaign was highly effective. It resulted in noteworthy increased traffic to the 4Ward site, a very happy winner and some highly creative smart home technology ideas from entrants. This post will outline what the campaign was all about.

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