Be everywhere… Live or On Demand

Broadcast yourself to hundreds or even thousands of viewers by utilizing Lifesize Video Centre.

Lifesize Video Centre enables effortless communication via the internet to PCs, laptops, smart phones and tablet computers. Simply push the record button and content will be available on-demand or live via the Lifesize Video Centre web interface.

Content is secured and viewership rights are managed by an administrator. Content is transmitted from continent to continent without network strain by utilizing Lifesize’s federation feature.  Automatic adaptive streaming optimizes live and on-demand videos for every viewer—desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. The viewing device automatically selects the best playback rate based on bandwidth conditions, thus ensuring a quality viewing experience with minimal delays or buffering, even on the smallest devices.

Broadcast lectures or your monthly meetings to customers and employees around the world, who can watch videos on their computers and mobile devices. Lifesize video centre is designed to integrate with third party applications and you can embed live and recorded videos in websites and social media tools.

Lifesize video centre is available in hardware and software versions in basic and feature-rich configurations.

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For more information contact our sales team at or click here to download the LifeSize® UVC Video Center™ Datasheet.

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