Bringing the cinema experience to your home

Recently we have noticed an upswing in the custom home theatre market. With rumours of the American movie houses releasing movies simultaneously at the cinema and on disc (for a premium off course) it seems this trend will continue. Factor in the price of admission, queues and stale popcorn and a movie outing isn’t that attractive anymore.

Different forms of media and integration across different media types ensures that a home cinema can be more than just a haven for movie enthusiasts. High definition audio and video has allowed the home user to experience picture and sound that surpasses previous expectations. Improvements in the technology continue daily and the performance envelope is constantly pushed.

Skip the queues stay indoors and experience the magic of a home cinema system…

To the home cinema novice the plethora of equipment available on the market can seem daunting. Integration of the various components? – more so.  Your choice of custom integrator can wholly shape your technology experience. Obtaining the right advice and the choice of equipment that matches your unique tastes and preferences is critical.

At 4ward we stay abreast of current trends and technology. It helps that our team consists of movie and music buffs that know what a great audio visual experience consists of. We have remained at the cutting edge of the home cinema sector by constantly evolving with the technology.

Our focus is to provide a custom home cinema experience that surpasses a client’s idea of his/her ideal setup.  Our design team can take your project from design concept through to the final commissioned room.

Over the years we have identified these fields as essential to a total home cinema experience:


An often underestimated aspect; careful attention and treatment of the room acoustics ensures that the maximum performance can be derived from the system

Equipment and speakers

Our range is tailored to match you requirements and budget. Whether you prefer your gear visible or hidden we provide a setup that caters for this whilst always providing the best audio visual performance.


Forget those uncomfortable movie house seats. Lay back and relax in seating suited to your décor and comfort requirements.


Integrated as part of the décor and the experience the lighting aspect can turn a dull cinema room into pure escapism.

Just a cinema?

Don’t limit the experience to movies – TV & Sport, Gaming consoles, digital media and high quality music can all join in and be a part of the experience.


Piece everything together with a simple to use control system. One touch control of the room allows you to relax in your favourite seat and control all aspects without the clutter of multiple remote controls. Forget to turn off the lights? Stay seated its taken care off.

Design & Project Management

We provide on/off site technical co-ordination. Our design team works with your project team to ensure that all aspects are covered. Your home cinema can be matched to the existing home décor or something unique.

Can’t wait? Contact our sales team to get the ball rolling.

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  1. Richard
    Richard says:

    Commercial cinema had better shape up if it expects to survive the digital age. I remember driving from the southern suburbs all the way to the northern suburbs of Cape Town to go and watch a 3D version of Star Wars. To my immense dissapointment, halway through the movie my left eye started seeing an orange image while my right eye a green. The staff were unable to comprehend let alone resolve the problem. I am VERY happy to stay home thanks to home cinema implemented correctly.

  2. Vijandran Murugas
    Vijandran Murugas says:

    Thanks Amparo. We are passionate about home cinema and always aim to provide the right system to match our client’s needs. Where possible we try to provide an insight into our industry. Stay tuned for industry news and tips.


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