Condeco Room Booking Solutions

Are you tired of trying to manage and schedule all your auditoriums, meeting rooms and video conference rooms?  If yes then look no further than the perfect solutions available from Condeco.  This tried and tested product is far more superior compared to any of its competitors in the market today.

Condeco Room Screen

The Condeco interactive digital signage display has been developed to allow additional room management functionality to be carried out via the touch screen mounted outside each room.

These features help to avoid meeting ‘no shows’ and provide users the ability to utilise available rooms by making instant bookings directly from the screen.

No show management

The start function allows the host to confirm that the meeting is taking place and will automatically release the room if no one shows up. This enables the room to be booked by other users, which maintains the usage of your company’s premium space. Should the room be released due to a ‘no show’, any catering or other services that have been booked can still be charged to the host and separately reported on to monitor waste.

Instant access

By displaying when a room is next being used and allowing users to book a meeting from directly outside the room, Condeco can significantly increase your room utilisation. If a meeting ends before the scheduled finish time, the host can use the touch-screen to end the meeting, which releases the room back into the system so that it can be used by others.

Avoid conflicts

Condeco Room Signs help to avoid meeting conflicts by clearly detailing who the room is booked by and the exact duration of the meeting. This allows the users to know when they are expected to vacate the rooms to allow the next meeting to start on time. If a meeting is overrunning and another meeting has not been scheduled, the host can extend the current meeting directly from the screen.

MS Outlook Integration

All the features of this world class room booking system – accessed directly from within the Microsoft Outlook application.

With the Condeco Outlook plug-in users can arrange a meeting, invite attendees, book a room, order catering and book resources in one seamless process.

MS Outlook is by far the most widely used diary system in the world with millions of people using the system to arrange meeting and invitee attendees. The addition of the Condeco room booking functionality from directly inside the application adds a different dimension to the meeting process.

The users do not require an additional login or web pages but have complete access to all the advanced booking features of Condeco directly from within their Outlook.

Currently most users have to arrange their meetings and then go to a separate system to book a room, catering and/or audio visual equipment, which can result in meetings being scheduled when no rooms are available. Using Condeco with its Microsoft Outlook integration, the user can see exactly which rooms are free as part of the meeting invite process so that the whole procedure is seamless.

To ensure that everyone is kept up to date with the meeting, Outlook will send the invitee emails while Condeco emails confirmation of the room booking directly to the meeting host and/or the meeting requestor. In addition, the service providers will still use Condeco’s integral workflow to ensure that the required services are delivered correctly.

The client services team can still maintain control of the managed rooms within the system so that the correct room utilisation is achieved. Plus the full reporting tools that are standard in Condeco are available to provide the required management information.

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Contact us today if you are interested to see the system live in action.

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