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Nowadays a lot of business chatter takes place over Skype. Advanced group collaboration is now possible with Crestron’s remote communication solution.

Recently the home automation giant announced that its Crestron RL 2 group collaboration solution now also includes Skype for Business. Perfect for long distance and remote calls, this new system offers flexibility and ease of use to set up group collaboration calls between several people. Plan meetings with your colleagues, call clients from anywhere and do so at any time.

“We’re excited about the great flexibility these Crestron RL 2 packages provide to our dealers,” said Joseph Sarrasin, Technology Manager, Unified Communications at Crestron. “The built-in switching capability makes for an even more cost-effective UC solution, eliminating the need for a separate switcher.”

Cutting-edge unified communications and group collaboration make this smart device ideal for the conference room. With Crestron DigitalMedia™ and Microsoft® Lync® software all wrapped up in one smart device—you simply can’t go wrong.

Crestron RL 2 boasts:

  • Ease of control over your whole automation system from a one touch screen
  • Group calls and sharing with Lync meeting members
  • Crestron DigitalMedia input
  • Auto-switching between VGA, HDMI®, and DM® video sources without a separate video switcher outside of a Lync session
  • Analog microphone inputs

Three Unique Options

Three different packages are available and each one comes with various configuration options, find out more. Let the specialists at 4ward-design advice you on which option will most ideally suit your environment.

Take control of your business environment—anywhere and anytime. Contact us to develop a flexible system design to perfectly suit its purpose and your budget. Please note that some of the above mentioned products/apps/services are not available in South Africa.