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Effective Supplier Collaboration with Smart Home Technologies 

We are often called in to assist clients with faulty systems installed by other operators. The larger issue lies not in the fact that so many systems end with faults, but that these instances go hand-in-hand with a lack of hand-over documents. In today’s world, we have ample smart home technologies to assist in system documentation. This post will outline how vital proper planning and documentation is for effective collaboration between parties involved in property development and maintenance.

Effective Supplier Collaboration with Smart Home Technologies  - CAD

The Importance of Hand-Over Documents

When we are called in to assess a faulty system installed by another operator, the first thing we need to review is a concise hand-over file. These jobs are always very complex and time consuming, as a fair amount of investigation is required when sourcing the nature of a fault. Hand-over documents outline the technical line diagrams, wiring routes, network certifications and IP ranges of a system.

In almost all cases, we are told that these vital documents don’t exist. This is a setback, as when a system’s build is document correctly, we are able to narrow down the fault and repair the issue quickly. This common carelessness on the part of operators however becomes a costly exercise for clients. In order to rectify the situation, a client needs to hire a company such as 4ward to fault find, repair and then document the entire system. This is both inefficient and unnecessarily costly for clients, whose lives operators should be making simpler.

Smart Home Technologies

This common scenario demonstrates the importance of having a system accurately documented from the get-go. 4ward recognises this, and as such ensures that all projects end with a concise handover document being provided to clients. These documents are compiled by our technical team using industry standard software such as D-Tools and CAD.

Effective Supplier Collaboration with Smart Home Technologies - CAD Software

This type of software not only enables one to populate a complete file for a client, but also assists in the building and design of a system with a specific focus on the integration between ourselves, architects, joiners, lighting and interior designers. Detailed elevations such as these can assist in effective space planning, laying out a room’s equipment and the design of a specific time of joinery.

How Is 4ward’s Different?

Nothing is left to chance in our approach to projects. This customer-centric approach and attention to detail sets 4ward apart.  A view towards continued maintenance and collaboration results in time and money ultimately being saved. Most professional contractors today use programs such as CAD. This integration of software and systems used across channels allows for seamless information sharing between relevant parties.

No longer is there a need for differing systems and broken down communication channels between teams. Our information is effectively integrated with the engineer’s information. The latter is based on the plan submitted by the architect. All parties can develop their respective plans from their offices and save these in the Cloud for real time viewing and collaboration.

4ward works at the forefront of integrated technologies, home automation and smart home solutions. We intend to keep making the lives of our clients simpler and more convenient through these continued efforts. Rest assured that any system we develop will be designed and documented accurately, with the greatest attention to detail. Efficiency and a professional approach towards system design and documentation are what sets 4ward apart.

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