With increasing energy costs, diminishing fossil fuels and global warming on the rise, energy efficiency in homes and businesses is becoming more and more important. Making a meaningful reduction in energy consumption, however, can be a complex task. It requires a careful balance and interplay between all energy-consuming components to create an intelligent and efficient environment optimised for reduced energy usage.

Energy Management through Automation: Creating Intelligent Buildings

While there are several approaches to achieving energy efficiency, 4Ward’s specialty is automation: eliminating energy wastage through intelligent co-operation between all building systems. In other words, ensuring your HVAC, lighting, shades, AV, voice and data, security, and room scheduling are all working together for maximum efficiency.

4Ward also offers stand-alone lighting, shading and climate-control automation, using heat sensors, occupancy detection, and light-level sensors to minimise redundancy and maximise the use of natural light and warmth where appropriate.

Energy Management Systems

Normally, HVAC, lighting, and other building systems all come with their own, individual software applications. This means there’s no sharing of information between the systems, and the only data they’re using to control their operations is their own. This can introduce dramatic inefficiencies in overall energy consumption.

For example: if the lighting can’t talk to the shades, there’s no way to optimise the use of natural light; similarly, if the heating system doesn’t know it’s sunny outside, it can’t make use of the natural warmth.

Using Crestron and Lutron products, 4Ward brings all of your building systems into one, central, intelligent application. This means you can not only monitor, manage, and control all your energy-consuming systems with one, simple interface, but it means each component’s data can be analysed from a big-picture perspective. This allows the Energy Management System to automatically detect and eliminate inefficiencies, using the most effective combination of components for maximum energy savings without compromising on comfort.


crestron energy management systems

Crestron Control Systems

Crestron is 4Ward’s preferred control system for overall management of HVAC, lighting, shades, AV, voice & data, security, room scheduling and more. It is a powerful and effective energy management system and offers complete control for applications ranging from single residences to multi-national facilities.

Crestron Features

Real-time tracking of energy usage

Historical energy consumption data, viewable by day, week, month or year

Real-time control over lighting levels, shades and temperature

Customisable pre-sets for room temperature, shades and light levels

Changeable settings for occupied and unoccupied room states

Adjustable demand response rules for lighting and HVAC during peak loads

Scheduled end-of-day shutdowns

At-a-glance overview of room status for an entire facility

Intelligent energy control components to the management software

Server-based, scalable, redundant architecture with load-balancing


Lutron Control Systems

Lutron’s Energy Management System focuses on lighting, shading, and temperature control, and is a popular choice for both residential and smaller commercial applications. It can be used as a stand-alone system, or as a component of a larger Crestron solution.

Lutron Features

Manual light control with eco-dimmers

Automatic light control with wireless occupancy and daylight sensors

Pre-set lighting combinations for one-touch ambiance

Automated sun control to optimise summer cooling and winter heating

Plug-in switching controls for small appliances to eliminate power loss on standby

One touch eco climate control option

Energy Management for Commercial Buildings


Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings tend to have a wide range of systems that draw power, and automating these as a whole can make a dramatic difference to overall energy consumption. Examples of automated energy-saving techniques include:

Energy-saving techniques
  • Occupancy sensors turn lights and equipment off when a room or floor is unused
  • Boardrooms and auditoriums can be assigned selectable pre-set lighting and shading scenarios for meetings, screenings, conference calls etc.
  • HVAC sensors allow real-time adjustments for maximum comfort without wasted energy
  • Optional automatic shading minimises air-conditioning loads

4Ward’s energy management systems all come with built-in manual overrides and are compliant with emergency lighting and fire requirements.

Energy Management for Residential Buildings


Residential Buildings

Lighting and temperature control are the major energy draws in most residences, and there is frequently a lot of wastage that happens between the two. A unified and automated control system allows you to:

Energy-saving techniques
  • Take advantage of natural light and heat where appropriate
  • Ensure under-floor heating and air-conditioning work together, rather than compete
  • Automatically power down unnecessary equipment and lights in unoccupied rooms
  • Specify day and night temperature and light level

Design and Consulting

The design phase of an energy management project is absolutely crucial in order to maximise energy savings without compromising on function or comfort. 4Ward has extensive experience in the design of energy management systems for both residential and commercial applications. Our team can provide valuable advice and detailed specifications on the most effective ways to automate your environment.

All our documentation and drawings are created using industry-standard software (AutoCAD, D-Tools and Visio), making integration into architectural schematics quick and easy. Contact us for a consultation.

Supply, Installation and Software Configuration

4Ward can not only supply all the components necessary for a successful energy management system, but our team of highly qualified staff offer top quality installation services as well. Our engineers will also make sure all your software is correctly configured, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition to your new energy management system.


Service Level Agreements

Like all equipment, your sensors, and software becomes outdated. Consumable parts may also need to be replaced from time to time to avoid system failure and damage to related components. rgy management system will run better and last longer if it is properly and regularly maintained. Without maintenance you may notice a slow deterioration in the performance of your system as dust collect 4Ward recognises that most of our clients don’t have the capacity to correctly maintain their energy management systems internally, and we therefore highly recommend our Service Level Agreements. This allows you to relax in the knowledge that your system is taken care of, and reduce potential disruptions or expensive repairs.