Enigma Mansion, Camps Bay

This Enigma Mansion in Camps Bay, Cape Town takes you down the road of the roaring 1920’s, whilst the interior gives you a nostalgic trip through true grandeur and decadence. The challenge of integrating technology into this mansion was nothing short of breathtaking.

As you enter the home you immediately feel embraced by the smells, sounds and sights. The level of sound quality is truly incredible accompanied by true high definition visuals that are life like. Each room is equipped with an iPad that allows you complete control through custom interfaces purely designed for Enigma’s theme. When you enter the Home Cinema, one can only feel that you are about to experience something very special. It certainly delivers in every department, leaving you with a cinema experience that is unrivalled.

The 4ward team involved showed complete commitment and professionalism in delivering this one of a kind project. Whilst it challenged us, we are extremely proud of being involved and turning the clients vision into reality.

Visit the Enigma website to view more pictures of this massive project where technology simplifies the usage of lighting control, energy management, audio-visual, security and a superior wired/wireless network.

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Feedback from our customer.

House Enigma has been a vision of mine for the last 5 years and it has finally been turned into a reality. Technology was never a main focus in the project until we realized the sheer scale of the residence. It was clear that a level of automation was needed to make this home more manageable.

4ward were able to make this possible through a professional team that were able to understand my needs and deliver a major system. The Home Cinema still blows me away and the experience is nothing short of amazing.

Thank you to the 4ward Team .

Managing Director, Enigma Bantry Bay

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