Control4 Home Automation
Control4 Home Automation Systems

Control4 supplies smart home automation solutions for an unmatched design and comfort experience. Maximise your time spent indoors with peace of mind and an elegant control of your home or alternatively keep tabs on your home when you’re not around.

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Control4 Home Automation

Take your smart system with you wherever you go. Recall your personal schedule with a couple of taps on a touch screen or in the Control4 App.

Integrate everything from lighting, music, video, climate control, security—even smartphones and tablets.

Incredibly fast and reliable connections enable smart communication within your home where the quality of technology speaks for itself.

Appreciate high-grade music in your own space, watch a movie or simply set the ambience with the touch of a button/flick of a finger.  From blazing-fast new touch screens to high-definition video and audio technology; you can expect to take your smart home to the next level. Customize the settings on your devices to sync with your lifestyle and save a little more as well.

As a home automation company we are raising the standards of smart technology in South Africa and envision a world of bright new possibilities.