Control4 Home Automation

Know what’s going on in your home whenever you’re not around. Thanks to Control4’s new feature OS27 you can now receive alerts from your smart device about the goings-on back home. All new Push Notification technology will enable your home to interact with you a whole lot better.

Using your smart phone, tablet, and/or smart watch (including the all new Apple Watch) you can access and monitor your home or business from virtually anywhere. You can even personalise the notifications you would like to receive. This can be any smart action, like closing a window or keeping tabs on who is coming and going. The system works with motion sensors or contact sensors, attached to doors, cupboards and even windows.

With the Composer Home Edition you can set custom notifications to alert you of various smart actions in your home:

  • first you have to create the message that you want to receive on your device
  • then you pick the activity that you want to trigger
  • finally execute the function with a simple push on your smart device

Note that to enable Push Notifications for your smart home you need a 4Sight Subscription.

Contact 4ward-design today and let us advise you on selecting the best system and technologies for all your custom home and commercial automation requirements. Please note that some of the above mentioned products/apps/services are not available in South Africa.