Crestron Home Automation
Crestron Home Automation

Take control of your home from any seat in the house with Creston home automation systems. See technology blend with artful design in one of Creston’s Experience Centers and Showrooms. Crestron offer an in-depth look at all of their products by showcasing real solutions in life-like environments.

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Crestron Home Automation Systems

Find yourself immersed in multi-sensory spaces and experience the concealed luxury of Crestron home automation. From “Wake” to “Goodnight” and anything in-between, like “Watch”, “Listen” or “Away”, there are an unlimited amount of Scenarios that can be created and infinitely customized to suit your lifestyle. Easily control everything in your home, room-by-room, using Crestron’s high quality touch screens and remotes from your favorite smart device. A Crestron home automation system is also flexible, so it grows along with your changing needs.

Crestron has set the standard in impeccably styled home automation and control systems for over four decades and is setting the bar in South Africa. Experience the ultimate in comfort, convenience, simplicity and security.