Home Automation

Assess the state of all your home’s automation requirements like lighting, climate and sound—control it from one modest keypad.

Suited to fit in any space, this wireless controller provides an elegant control pad to regulate all of your home’s smart technologies. Custom functions are enabled with two-way infiNET EX® technology which provides reliable wireless communication. It is a fully programmable controller designed to operate as part of a complete Crestron® automation system.

Features include:

  • Wireless range of 150 ft (46 meters) indoors
  • Auto-dimmable backlight and LED intensity
  • Available in black or white (with an attractive brushed aluminum inlay)

The HTT-B10EX keypad comes with ten push-buttons and can be programmed for Normal, Tap, Double-Tap, and Press and Hold Engraving: Custom backlit engraved button caps are also on the market and are sold separately. “Shift key” functionality ensures that the user can press and hold one button while tapping another for more customisation options. This versatile keypad’s popular wireless mesh technology provides ultra-fast and reliable communication, even in a commercial office or urban environment.

The HTT-B10EX is either powered by its external power pack or two AA batteries. Its auto-sleep function is incredibly energy saving as it can operate for up to eight months on a single set of alkaline batteries. Simply touching a button on your kepad wakes it from sleep mode. Custom engraving options are also provided. Learn more about this convenient controller.

Take control of your home’s environment—anywhere and anytime. Contact 4ward-design today to develop a flexible system design to perfectly suit its purpose and your budget. Please note that some of the above mentioned products/apps/services are not available in South Africa.