Home Automation

The New PinPoint™ Mobile app works with the smart technology in your home, ensuring your iPhone® or iPad® always knows exactly which room it’s in. As the name suggests the new proximity device works with the app to pinpoint your device’s exact location and display all of the available technologies available in that room. You won’t need to manually select your room anymore as your smart device automatically knows where it’s at.

The app further enables professionals to manage their schedules and control their calendars using mobile devices. Communicating with Crestron PinPoint™ Proximity Detection Beacons (PP-100) installed in rooms throughout the building, the PinPoint Mobile app can display the nearest available meeting rooms or other cosy spaces to you wherever you stand.

“For the first time, you have smart building technology that’s focused on and integrated with the knowledge worker, rather than just facilities or IT management,” said Glen Marianko, Technology Manager, Enterprise Solutions at Crestron. “The technology adapts to the needs of the individual. Because the infrastructure is always available to you, there are no obstacles to getting your work done.”

As mentioned the PinPoint™ Mobile app makes enterprise technology a great tool for professionals. It allows you to schedule your entire work flow, increasing overall productivity. With the PinPoint Mobile app, businesses can have the full enterprise infrastructure available to them–always.

Crestron Home Automation

How does it work? 

If your business is set up with a Crestron system you can easily enable various functions to synch with your app. Book available rooms with your app, schedule meetings accordingly and personalise your room setting preferences. Take control of everything in the room– AV, lights, temperature, and shades.

Contact 4ward-design and take control of your home automation needs today. We’ll advise you on choosing the right system and technologies for all your custom home and commercial automation requirements. Please note that some of the above mentioned products/apps/services are not available in South Africa.