home automation south africa

A residential audio-visual, home automation project: a stunning Holiday House in Rooi Els

Being a holiday home, our objective was to create an easy-to-use entertainment system within this stunning property. Even distribution of sound, thumping bass and clarity makes for great entertainment and adds that extra touch of luxury to the holiday experience.

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Wake Up

Soft music

Slow opening of the curtains

Shower running

Breakfast ready

Read your newspaper or magazine


Your Private

Dim lights

Big screen

High definition image

Surround sound

Real cinema chairs



Ambient sound anywhere

Global or independent for each taste

Inside and outside

Cable or wireless


Your Climate

Your house your climate

Automatic tweaking

Saves you money every month

Scenario integration


Security &
Peace of Mind

Automatic check for open doors or windows

Smart reliable detection to prevent false alarms

Simulate the presence when you are away

Answer your doorbell anywhere with your phone or tablet


And Many More Features

Automatic lawn care

Feed your pets when you are way

Automatic pool care

Almost unlimited scenarios