Crestron Home Automation

Today seemingly everything works at the touch of a virtual button. Handling daily tasks in your home’s environment is made simple with Crestron’s latest family of touch-sensitive and lightweight remotes. Crestron has been in the home automation business for decades and intends to set an industry standard for luxurious handheld smart devices. The collection includes the TSR-302 touch screen remote, the HR-150 50-button remote, and the HR-100 34-button remote. All of them represent a combination of both flexibility and power.

“These are by far the most beautiful and rugged remotes ever engineered by Crestron,” said Sean Goldstein, Vice President of Marketing. “From the minute you pick one up, you notice the quality construction and luxury feel that is far superior to any other remotes out there, period. But that’s just the beginning, these remotes perform just as great as they look!”

Engravable buttons allow you to keep on top of your remotes, customizing them to any space so you have full control of your lighting, audio/visual system and more. Features include Instant-Waking® which is enabled via wireless technology for constant connectivity and reliable performance. The TSR-302 2.8” touch screen remote is the newest edition to the family, featuring a built-in intercom, voice recognition and Wi-Fi® connectivity for video streaming.

Power-up your home or business environment today. Contact 4ward-design to develop a flexible system design to perfectly suit its purpose and your budget. Please note that some of the above mentioned products/apps/services are not available in South Africa.