Steinway Lyngdorf Home Automation

Steinway Lyngdorf Home Automation

The home audio system market is taking flight and Steinway Lyngdorf is on the front line. The Danish professional audio system company has done it again, this time with another stunning edition to its system collection– The Model C.

“Model C is driven by Peter Lyngdorf’s desire to give more music lovers the opportunity to experience (aural perfection). He is driven by pure passion. Given the cost of development and such, we could have – and we are told by our clients that we should have – priced it higher. After all, it costs easily above US$300,000 to generate a respectable sound system,” says Madhavan, Steinway Lyngdorf President, Asia Pacific and Middle.

The quality of sound emanating from The Model C is natural, distinct and clear, similar to its predecessor The Model D. This sound system is a somewhat smaller version of The Model D, but it incorporates the same genetic makeup. It also supports the same Fully Digital Amplification and RoomPerfect™ adaptation technology. If you want an even more discreet version of the Model C, then select the SP-1 Stereo Processor. The real difference between the two lies within the eyes of the beholder. Both are exquisitely beautiful, no questions asked.

Steinway Lyngdorf Sound Systems

“The system displays an enormous spaciousness and detail. We were able to pinpoint each individual instrument in the orchestra,” says Luister, a Dutch hi-fi magazine.

Steinway Lyngdorf has ultimately taken on an incredible undertaking and that is to produce the most unambiguous and well-defined sound in the world– straight from your living room. Choose from Steinway Lyngdorf’s exquisite range of custom finishes and adorn your home with your choice of gold and chrome accents.

Find out more about The Model C and speak to the professionals at 4ward-design about innovative, high performing and solutions-oriented custom installation for all your home and commercial automation requirements. Please note that some of the above mentioned products/apps/services are not available in South Africa.