Onkyo DS-A5 AirPlay Dock | New Release

New Onkyo iPod/iPhone/iPad Dock with AirPlay

Onkyo recently released the new DS-A5 docking station allowing AirPlay functionality on all your legacy Onkyo A/V receivers and stereo amplifiers. Just select an audio or video file, touch the AirPlay icon, and the dock powers up your system and commences playback. Or, with a few clicks of the mouse, you can send music wirelessly from your computer’s iTunes library to the DS-A5 for playback over your hi-fi or home theatre.

Onkyo DS-A5 Rear

Superior sound quality is assured when using the digital audio output, which transports the signal directly to your Onkyo receiver’s audiophile-grade Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs). A composite video output enables movie and photo playback from iOS device on your TV, while an RI connection centralizes control of your system into one main remote. With the DS-A5, you can dock your iPod, iPhone, or iPad anytime for a recharge, or continue using it anywhere in the house while streaming your favorite music at the same time.

Connecting the iOS Family with Onkyo Systems

Linked to your Onkyo system, the DS-A5 allows you to play audio and video files from virtually all iPod, iPhone, and iPad models. Now you can enjoy your music through a high-fidelity sound system and share photos and videos on your living-room display.

Onkyo DS-A5 Ipad Dock

AirPlay Integrates Your Digital Life

AirPlay lets you connect your iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad to your compatible Onkyo product with no wires, cable, or clutter. As well as streaming audio from your portable iOS device over the home network, users can also play tracks from their PC or Mac-based iTunes library on their Onkyo sound system. AirPlay also enables automatic system start up and input selection.

DS-A5 Using Airplay

Added Control Through RI Functionality

The DS-A5 can also be connected through Onkyo’s proprietary RI (Remote Interactive) interface. This gives you access to a variety of useful functions, such as System On/Off, Auto Power On, Auto Selector (Direct Change), and Sleep Timer. To simplify things even further, the RI terminal also allows you to use your main Onkyo system remote to control the DS-A5 dock.

Compatible iPod/iPhone/iPad Models

  • iPod nano (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Generations)
  • iPod classic (80 GB, 120 GB, 160 GB)
  • iPod touch (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Generations)
  • iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S
  • iPad, iPad (Wi-Fi + 3G), iPad 2 (Wi-Fi), iPad 2 (Wi-Fi + 3G), New iPad
    Updating iPod/iPhone/iPad software is advised before using the DS-A5.
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Crestron CP3 Processor | Available October 2012

Crestron CP3 Processor | Available October 2012

Crestron have finally confirmed that the long awaited CP3 control processor will be released on the 1st of October 2012. This is an exiting period for Crestron customers and integrators because the Crestron® CP3 presents a new benchmark in control system technology. Featuring the Core 3 OS™ control engine, the CP3 forms the core of any modern networked home or commercial building, managing and integrating all the disparate technologies throughout your facility to make life easier, greener, more productive, and more enjoyable.

4ward-design will not be specifying the CP3 processor for new projects until January 2013. Our team of in-house Crestron programmers will first need put the unit through our quality and performance tests, before releasing it to our customers in the field.

Modular Programming Architecture

Designed for enhanced scalability, the CP3 affords high-speed, real-time multi-tasking to seamlessly run multiple programs simultaneously. This exclusive programming architecture lets programmers independently develop and run device-specific programs for AV, lighting, HVAC, security, etc., allowing for the optimisation of each program, and allowing changes to be made to one program without affecting the whole. Even as your system grows, processing resources can easily be shifted from one 3-Series™ processor to another without rewriting any code. The end benefit is dramatically simplified upgradability with minimal downtime, whether implementing changes on site or remotely via the network.

Robust Ethernet & IP Control

IP technology is the heart of Core 3, so it should be no surprise that its networking abilities are second to none. High-speed Ethernet connectivity enables integration with IP-controllable devices and allows the CP3 to be part of a larger managed control network. Whether residing on a sensitive corporate LAN, a home network, or accessing the Internet through a cable modem, the CP3 provides secure, reliable interconnectivity with IP-enabled touch screens, computers, mobile devices, video displays, Blu-ray Disc® players, media servers, security systems, lighting, HVAC, and other equipment — whether on premises or across the globe.


Cresnet provides a dependable network wiring solution for Crestron keypads, lighting controls, thermostats, and other devices that don’t require the higher speed of Ethernet. The Cresnet bus offers easy wiring and configuration, carrying bidirectional communication and 24VDC power to each device over a simple 4-conductor cable. To assist with troubleshooting, the CP3 includes our patent-pending Network Analyzer which continuously monitors the integrity of the Cresnet network for wiring faults, marginal performance, and other errors.


Native support for the BACnet/IP communication protocol provides a direct interface to third-party building management systems over Ethernet, simplifying integration with HVAC, security, fire & life safety, voice & data, lighting, shades, and other systems. Using BACnet/IP, each system runs independently with the ability to communicate together on one platform for a truly smart building.


Onboard Control Ports

In addition to Ethernet, the CP3 includes three bidirectional COM ports and eight IR ports to interface directly with all of your centralised AV sources, video displays, and other devices. Eight programmable relay ports are included for controlling window shades, projection screens, lifts, power controllers, and other contact-closure actuated equipment. Eight “Versiport” I/O ports enable the integration of occupancy sensors, power sensors, door switches, or anything else that provides a dry contact closure, low-voltage logic, or 0-10 Volt DC signal.

e-Control® Remote Access

Years ago, Crestron pioneered the world’s first IP-based control system unleashing vast new possibilities for controlling, monitoring, and managing integrated systems over a LAN, WAN, and the Internet. Today, our many e-Control solutions offer more ways than ever to control your world the way you want.

With e-Control, you can control anything in your home or office from anywhere in the world using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Built-in Core 3 UI™ XPanel technology affords virtual touch screen control through any popular Web browser running on a laptop or desktop computer. Our Crestron Mobile Pro®app delivers the Crestron touch screen experience to your iPhone®, iPad®, or Android™ device letting you safely monitor and control your entire facility using the one device that goes with you everywhere.

Remote access is simplified using the myCrestron Dynamic DNS service to establish a friendly URL for your home system. And should you ever need technical support, your Crestron system installer can even perform diagnostics and implement updates to the system remotely without coming on site.

Fusion RV™ and SNMP

As part of a complete managed network in a corporate enterprise, college campus, convention center or any other facility, the CP3 works integrally with Crestron Fusion RV Remote Asset Management Software to enable remote scheduling, monitoring, and control of rooms and technology from a central help desk. Built-in SNMP support enables integration with third-party network management software, allowing control and monitoring in a format that’s familiar to IT personnel.

The following Crestron processors will soon be added to the 3-Series list.

  • PRO3
  • AV3
  • CP3N

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First AV receivers with built-in home automation

Control4 and Sony have recently introduced the first AV receivers incorporating the Control4 automation features.

This is a step in the right direction from AV manufacturers partnering with home automation manufacturers to make every home users experience more simplified.  With technology playing an integral part in our everyday lives it must be simplified for the user to appreciate the real benefit.

The team at 4ward-design don’t specify the Sony AV range in South Africa because the after-sales support is not fantastic.  Sony outsource all their repairs to a 3rd party repair center, and those guys don’t care about the end user at the end of the day. Sony repairs have taken up to 6 months to come back to us, and that is unacceptable for the high quality service that we deliver to all our customers.

Besides the bad experience from Sony in South Africa it is still worth informing our customers that the new Sony ES receivers feature stunning 4K audio video quality, a rich selection of more than 30 streaming music and video services, and basic Control4 automation technology that easily adds lighting control to enhance the entertainment experience. Both receivers allow you to easily unleash the power of full Control4 automation and home control capability.

These are the two new AV receivers from Sony

Sony 5800

Designed for the high-end home theatre, the STR-5800ES is the Sony flagship 9.2-channel receiver with 130 watts per channel and 9/3 HDMI ports.

Sony 2800

The STR-2800ES is a 7.2-channel receiver with 100 watts per channel and 8/3 HDMI ports that gives consumers a universal remote alternative that provides an amazing AV experience.

Unlock the Power of Control4 Home Automation

Enjoy complete control in your home theatre, or your whole house by activating your full Control4 system.

Contact 4ward-design to find out how you can enjoy complete, personalised control over your lights, A/C and heating, security and door locks.

To get a taste of the kinds of things you can control with Control4, check out the Home Smart Home magazine.

DStv Announces Channel Number Changes

DStv Announces Channel Number Changes

Why are they changing the channel numbers?

DStv are moving their services to a new satellite, which will give them more space to offer DStv subscribers more channels and services in future. To do that, they need to move some channels around to make space for these future channels and services.
Whilst it may take some getting used to, DStv believes that the new channel numbering will make for an overall better navigation and viewing experience.

DStv Channel Changes October 2012

When is the change happening?

Early the morning of Monday, 1 October 2012 – most of the new channels will come into effect at 6am. The new M-Net Movie channels will launch from 10:30 on Monday, 1 October 2012.

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Crestron & Control4

Will you miss any of your shows when DStv change the channel numbers?

The changes will happen automatically and shouldn’t interrupt your viewing.

Do DStv customers need to do anything to get the new channel numbers and the new channels?

The changes will happen automatically in the early morning hours of Monday, 1 October. DStv customers are advised to access the information about their specific decoder on DStv.com or press OK on their DStv remote to see if any action is required on their part.
Customers who live in a complex or flat where they don’t have their own dish, will have to request their body corporate to upgrade their system before 1 October 2012. These customers can SMS their email address to DStv at 32444.

When will the TV Guides be updated?

The October Dish Magazine will reflect the updated channel numbers.
The online and mobile TV Guides will update within hours of the change on 1 October.
The TV Guides on the decoders will be updated within hours of the change on 1 October.

How will this affect our Crestron and Control4 customers?

All your current presets on your touch panels will need to change.  This is not automatically done and will require a programmer from 4ward-design to implement these changes.  We urge you to book a programmer now to implement these changes from the 1st week of October onwards.  The changes will be on a first come first serve basis and at a cost to each customer.  Email your request to support@4ward-design.com to book your slot now.

Now that the SD and HD channels sit on the same channel number (except for SuperSport channels), what’s the difference between the SD version of a channel and the HD version of the same channel?

The SD and HD channels which sit on the same channel number have exactly the same content. The only difference is the broadcast quality of the channel. The content including the soundtrack, the programme schedules and aspect ratio of the broadcasts will be identical.

MNET Movies HD

M-Net Movie Channels

M-Net Movies Premiere
The crème-de-la-crème of big budget, hit movies await on the M-Net Movies Premiere channel. This is where Hollywood royalty lives and where you can find the freshest movies appearing on TV for the first time. Movies will be screened first on this channel before moving to the relevant themed channel.

M-Net Movies Comedy
Relax, put your feet up and prepare to laugh till it hurts. Whether you like your comedies tinged with romance, drama, slapstick humour or a little on the naughty side, the comedy channel will leave you in stitches.

M-Net Movies Family
Wholesome entertainment for all ages awaits with the family channel. A fun and enjoyable lineup featuring animation, musicals, fantasy and feel-good family movies will keep both kids and the young at heart engrossed all day.

M-Net Movies Action+
Escape on an adventure, discover what lies in the far reaches of Space, fight the bad guys and save the world. M-Net Movies Action+ will take you there with a host of blockbuster movies from Action to Westerns, Horror and Sci-Fi.

M-Net Movies Drama & Romance
Get swept away by an enchanting love story, or lost in a heart wrenching drama. The drama and romance channel features a variety of new and entertaining content including biographies, thrillers, documentaries and war movies.

M-Net Movies Showcase
Revisit your most magical movie moments and discover new ones with the Showcase channel. M-Net Movies shines the spotlight on specific movies and directors with exciting festivals, themes and box sets. Plus you get to take control with viewers’ choices.

What about the other M-Net movie channels that are already on DStv?
MM1 and MM2 are changing into themed channels – MM1 is changing to M-Net Movies Premiere and MM2 is changing into M-Net Movies Drama & Romance.

M-Net Action
Do high speed car chases, massive explosions, hot woman, ripped action stars and giant bloodthirsty mutant animals make your world go round? With the M-Net Movies Action channel you’ll find everything to keep you glued to your lazy boy.

M-Net Stars
Your best loved actors and movies shine brightly on M-Net Movies Stars. Featuring cult classics and movie favourites from past and present across a variety of genres from comedy to drama and romance, it’s the channel for young and old alike.

How will movies be screened across these channels?
A new blockbuster movie will be screened on M Premiere first and will then move to the appropriate themed channel. Some new niche movies will also be screened first on some themed channels.
The movies on M-Net Movies follow a cascading pattern of broadcast. This means that there are two movies starting every half hour.  M Premiere and M Movies Drama & Romance have a movie each at 18:30, M Comedy and M Showcase have a movie each at 19:00, M Family and M Action have a movie each at 19:30.

How do the movies on M-Net Movies Premiere work?
Every Friday, there are four new first-to-television movies from 18:30 until 00:30 with the biggest movie of the week on Fridays at 20:30.
In addition to this, the M-Net Sunday night blockbuster movie will still be screened at 20:00 on M-Net. This movie will also be broadcast at 20:30 that same evening on M Premiere.


What kind of soundtracks will be available on the movie channels?
The family and original soundtrack will always be available. When available for a particular movie, the surround sound option will be included. Please take note of the slide at the start of each movie and also on the EPG itself.

Dolby Digital 5.1

Will Dolby 5.1 be available on all HD channels?
Where the Dolby 5.1 soundtrack is made available by the studios it will be played out. In all other cases, HD channels will carry Dolby 2. Please take note of the EPG on the specific programme or movie.

What about Hearing Impaired subtitles on the new M-Net movie channels – both HD and SD?
Where it is available, the HI subtitles will be played out. There will be a slide at the start of each movie, as well as an indication on the EPG.
M-Net has undertaken to provide all new content with HI subtitles.
We are working with all channels on the DStv platform to provide HI subtitles for our hearing impaired subscribers on all channels. Unfortunately HI subtitles are not readily available on all content, especially older content.

What is Home Automation?

What is Home Automation? – Quick Breakdown from 4ward-design

What is Home Automation? As I am constantly being asked this question, I’d like to take this opportunity to give you a quick breakdown of what home automation actually involves.  Being involved in the Home Automation industry for more than 15 years, it is evident that it’s not a new industry but rather established with the technology ever-evolving into more simplified and cost effective solutions.  When we started with home automation we decided to use Crestron as our primary solution but now also offer Control4 as a secondary option.

Crestron has been in the control system market even before I started in the audio-visual industry and were primarily used for corporate applications where the customers were predominantly bluechip companies because of the high equipment cost.  The idea was to use the control system to replace all the remote controls usually required to control a complete boardroom.  With the powerful programming features we were able to create simplified macros that would allow the user to setup all the AV equipment and lights without being an expert through the simple touch of a button.

So how did we start the Home Automation side of our business? We took the basic principals of corporate control systems and started implementing them on a large scale into upmarket homes in Cape Town, it was an immediate hit.  It however took years to convince the top architects in South Africa to design their clients’ residences with home automation playing an integral role.  Today, most top architects in South Africa include home automation as a standard already catering for rooms dedicated to the automation equipment.

Home Automation Services

The great news is that we have now completed more than 100 Crestron Home Automation projects in South Africa since 1997 with demand continuing to grow.  With these projects ranging from R 300,000 to R 10,000,000 you can just imagine the homes we’ve worked in!  The even greater news is that 4ward has decided to start using Control4 for our more basic and cost effective home automation projects, to cater for those customers not requiring the level of automation offered by our Crestron solutions.

I will focus today on the basics of home automation and what a Control4 system can offer you.  Even though the Crestron system is more flexible and expandable, this overview will give you a greater understanding of what the Control4 Home Automation system can do for you.  However, please note that we only use Lutron Lighting Control System for lighting automation in all our home automation projects.  Lutron is the leader in lighting control and seamlessly interfaces with both the Crestron and Contro4 Home Automation systems.

Control4 Main Touch Panel

What are the benefits of an automated home?

An automated home coordinates security, temperatures, lighting, and audio/video automatically for safety, energy savings and convenience.

Automatically dimming lights and changing heating and cooling setpoints when away from home can reduce energy costs substantially. Remote access allows you to view security video on a laptop, web-enabled cell phone or tablet. The inclusion of home automation also increases the value of your home.

Control4 Interfaces

Is the system easy to understand and operate?

Yes. Touchscreen graphic displays can be customised to meet your unique tastes and requirements. The system is user-friendly allowing the children to also learn and understand how to use basic features of the system. Day-to-day events are controlled with one button, such as Day, Night, Vacation, or Away. More specific activities are menu driven to change temperature, lights, audio and more.

Can it be controlled over the Internet or telephone?

Yes. All our home automation solutions can be monitored and controlled over the internet or telephone, either inside or outside the home. Check and adjust lights, temperature, security, audio, and more. Perfect for a vacation home.

Internet – Our solutions offers video surveillance capabilities over the internet, allowing you to monitor your home via your web-enabled phone, tablet or PC. Receive e-mails or text messages to inform you of what is happening at home.

Telephone – Not only can you call to check on the status of your home, but your system can actually contact you! Be informed of an alarm or that children are safe as soon as they have returned home from their day at school.


Can the system expand easily if my needs change?

Yes. Add touchscreens, pool, spa, or irrigation controls, window treatments, remotes, multi-room audio systems, home theatre controls, access control, video surveillance, intercom and more. The team at 4ward always designs a new home with future upgrades in mind. However we cannot anticipate what will be available in the future, but adding features later that is available today will not be a problem.


Contact our sales team today if you require more information about our Home Automaton solutions and how we can assist you.


4ward now offers Shading Solutions

Lutron has been the world’s leading manufacturer of lighting systems for more than 50 years. Lutron has opened up a new world of possibilities by seamlessly and easily integrating electric and daylight control systems with a focus on innovation, world-class engineering and customer service. Lutron blends technology with design and environmental sensitivity to provide the ideal solution for any specification.

Lutron Residential Shades

Residential Shading

Daylight has a quality that we respond to emotionally. Colors read true, finishes reveal their texture, and an uplifting quality pervades any room bathed in daylight. As we become more conscious of our footprint on this planet, we realise that making the most of daylight in our homes simply makes sense. Utilising daylight reduces our need for electric light, and saves energy. Lutron shading systems provide precision control of daylight – all at the touch of a button.

Save Energy

Utilise your shading system to save additional energy beyond routine use of shades. “Winter warm” opens the shades, taking advantage of sunlight warming a southern façade. “Summer cool” does the opposite by lowering shades and blocking solar heat gain, thereby reducing your cooling costs. In addition, Lutron shading fabrics are made from sustainable materials for complete environmental and energy savings.

Lutron Wireless Shades

Elegance & Ambiance

Lutron controls are designed to look and work beautifully. Stylish control and fabric options coupled with innovative technology elegantly transition a space to create the right amount of light for any activity. Shades align precisely within 1/16 in of each other for a balanced, beautiful look to a row of windows.


Managing daylight is not restricted to a single wall station in your home. Shading systems can be controlled using a myriad of keypads, IR remote controls, wireless tabletop controls, or set to an astronomic time clock for automatic adjustment of shades.

Safety & Security

Utilise a whole-home shading system for simultaneous control of all shades. By setting a pre-determined scene for “Away”, simply select this button when leaving to close all shades and restrict the view inside your home.

Reduce Glare & Protect Furnishings

Lutron shading systems diffuse light and prevent glare from washing out a computer or television screen. Shading systems also protect furniture, fine art, rugs, and even wood surfaces, from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter by using shading systems to deflect or harness solar heat.

Lutron Commercial Shades

Commercial Shading

Sunlight invigorates the workplace, but can also decrease productivity with glare and over-heating spaces. Regulate daylight in commercial spaces with a shading solution designed to optimise comfort and lower energy costs. Systems can also be automated and integrated with other controls for additional savings and comfort.

Optimise Daylight & Save Energy

Most buildings today are over-lit because lights are on at full intensity while there is already ample daylight in the space. This wastes energy, creates discomfort, and reduces productivity. Couple a Lutron shading system with a sustainable fabric for a complete energy-saving story, and help earn points toward LEED®.

Increase Productivity & Comfort

Preferred light levels and automated shade control are conducive to a productive work environment. Automatically set lights and shades to adjust throughout the day based on daylight available or provide employees with individual control so their needs can be met.

Create a More Flexible Space

Shading zones easily re-configure to allow for flexible use of a room without rewiring. Each zone can be altered to meet specific daylight needs.

SivoiaQS Compatibility

Save Money

Shades block and reflect direct sunlight during the day to reduce the demand on air conditioning systems during the summer. Certain fabrics are dual-sided with a white or silver backing to deflect more sunlight. In colder months, lowered shades can provide an insulating barrier to keep the building warmer. By automatically adjusting electric light levels in response to daylight, electric lighting needs can also be reduced.

Versatile Design Options

When selecting a Lutron shading system, you have the choice of technology, control, and fabric. With hundreds of fabrics to choose from in different opacity and color, a conference room can have sheer fabrics for a meeting but blackout shades for an A/V presentation. Bottom-up shades can offer privacy on the first floor with a dim-out fabric while higher levels use a dual-sided fabric to create a uniform appearance from the outside while deflecting more daylight for increased energy savings.

Mix & Match

Small offices, conference rooms, and whole buildings have different needs and aren’t confined to sharing the same systems if working together. Having all shades work together on one system doesn’t eliminate personalised control if the needs of a space change throughout the day.

Hollywood Tuned Full-HD 3D Projector

Yes I know this is not the latest 4K2K projector on the market but I thought it would be great to inform all our movie lovers that this is still the best valued Full-HD 3D projector on the market today.  The Panasonic PT-AE7000E was the first Full-HD 3D projector launched in the industry in September 2011 and still our favorite cost effective projector for Home Theatres and upmarket Corporate Boardrooms. No plasma, LCD or LED TV could ever complete with this projector in a controlled lighting environment.

Below a detailed breakdown of the PT-AE7000E.

The PT-AE7000E Full-HD 3D Home Cinema Projector was developed according to the Panasonic philosophy of providing images that mirror the directors artistic vision and intent right in your own home. The PT-AE7000E has also been redesigned from the ground up to achieve higher basic 2D performance, and packed with unique 3D features to deliver the level of quality demanded by Hollywood professionals.

Panasonic Picture

Intelligent Lens Memory with Auto Detection

Up to six settings can be stored in the Lens Memory, including zoom and focus positions for projecting in the normal 16:9 or 4:3 image ratio, and wide cinema projection settings. These memories can be recalled manually or can be set for automatic switching. The projector is able to detect 2.35:1 and 16:9 source and retrieve the stored setting automatically. This Lens Memory function lets you easily enjoy images with different image ratios on a wide 2.35:1 screen for an immersive movie theater-like experience.

Panasonic Lens Memory

2x Optical Power Zoom/Focus with Wide Lens Shift Range

A 2x optical power zoom/focus lens and a lens shift function together make it possible to project a 120-inch picture from as close as 3.6 meters (11 feet 10 inches) to the screen or as far as 7.2 meters (23 feet 7 inches) away. In addition, the image can be shifted ±100% vertically, and ±26% horizontally. This gives you outstanding setup flexibility. If you choose to ceiling-mount the projector, you can zoom and focus by remote control.

Panasonic Lens Shift

Waveform Monitor for Precise Calibration

With the PT-AE7000E you can view the waveforms on the screen and adjust the settings both automatically and manually as you prefer.

Panasonic Waveform

Advanced Gamma Adjustment Function0

The gamma curve can be flexibly controlled, allowing precise calibration according to the signal source and environment. Brightness (Y), R, G and B can each be adjusted at any nine points. Adjustment point positions can be shifted both horizontally and vertically to bring out the desired gradation level.

Panasonic Gamma

Split Adjust Mode for Easy Picture Adjustment

You can freeze any scene you wish, and then make adjustments while easily comparing the original image and the adjusted image side by side.

Panasonic Easy Picture

Cinema Colour Management Premium Enables Flexible Colour Control

This color correction system enables free color control in two different modes. The Point Color Correction mode lets you pick a point in the image and adjust that color without affecting the neighboring colors. The Six Color Correction mode enables independent adjustment of red, green, blue, cyan, magenta and yellow.

Panasonic Adjust

Abundant Connection Terminals

HDMI™ with x.v.Color™ and Deep Color

The PT-AE7000E has three HDMI input terminals for digital transmission without image degradation. The HDMI input terminals also support Deep Color and the x.v.Color color space. Deep Color provides 10-bit (over 1.07 billion) and 12-bit (over 68.7 billion) color depths for smooth gradation between colors, while x.v.Color compliance reproduces natural, lifelike images.** Effective in Rec. 709 image mode.

Programmable 12V Trigger for Automated Theater Setup

Two 12V triggers are provided.* Since the input and output can be set independently (menu selectable), they can link flexibly with powered screens, room light and powered curtains. When combined with the Intelligent Lens Memory, they let you create a truly classy home theater.* The trigger terminals also operate as the 3D shutter outputs to connect the optional 3D IR transmitter ET-TRM110.

Panasonic Rear Inputs

VIERA Link for Easy Operation

The PT-AE7000E supports VIERA Link. If your home theater system contains VIERA Link-ready equipment, projection can be started by using only the remote control unit of the PT-AE7000E, regardless of whether the source is a Blu-ray Disc or a TV program stored on an HD recorder. This eliminates the need for hassling with several remote controls.** Cannot be used simultaneously with TV that supports VIERA Link. Some operations may not be available depending on the equipment. In this case, use its own remote control to operate the equipment.

Panasonic Vierra

Up to 5,000 Hour Lamp Replacement Cycle* and Simple Maintenance

Panasonic’s proprietary lamp drive system helps maintain lamp performance, resulting in a up to 5,000-hour lamp replacement cycle. For easy maintenance, you can replace the filter from the side and the lamp from the top of the projector. The dust filter and lamp are easily replaced even after the PT-AE7000E is installed on the ceiling.

Panasonic Lens Service

* When a lamp power is set to ECO. The lamp replacement cycle is up to 4,000 hours when the lamp mode is set to NORMAL. The values above are maximum values when they are used in cycles of being turned on for 2 hours and off for 0.25 hours. When the lamps are turned on and off more frequently, the lamp replacement cycle is shortened. The usage environment affects the lamp replacement cycle.

The Movie Server with the best Parental Control

The way you enjoy movies will change forever.

As the world’s premier movie server, the Kaleidescape System stores copies of all your Blu-ray and DVD movies and beautifully presents your entire collection onscreen. The award-winning user interface makes it easy to find the perfect film, or explore your movies and music like never before. Consisting of content storage linked by Ethernet to one or more players, the Kaleidescape System enables you to enjoy your movies at any time, in as many rooms as you choose.

Kaleidescape Movie Collection

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Kaleidescape Child Remote

Kaleidescape Child Remote

With the Child Remote, even toddlers can find and play their own movies, and parents control the content that is available. When a Child Remote is used with a Kaleidescape System, the onscreen display switches to the simplified child user interface, which only offers graphical navigation of movie covers. The child sees just the movies that the parents add to the Child collection. The rest of the content is hidden.

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Kaleidescape Remote

Kaleidescape Remote

The Kaleidescape Remote is a backlit IR remote to control movies and music on a Kaleidescape player. It features one-button access to Kaleidescape user interface views and features (Movies, Music, Now Playing, Intermission, Shuffle, etc.) and easily programmable volume and mute buttons. A Kaleidescape Remote is included with each M-Class player and Cinema One. It is also available separately for purchase.

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Kaleidescape iPad App

Kaleidescape App for iPad

The Kaleidescape App for iPad provides an immersive experience for browsing and searching your collection of movies and music. The app extends the Kaleidescape experience to the iPad, displaying your movie collection with vivid high-resolution cover art, synopses, and other details. It even puts the most memorable moments in movies right at your fingertips – just select a scene or song marked by Kaleidescape, and it plays instantly on your TV. Download the app now

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M700 Disc Vault

The M700 Disc Vault will automatically copy your Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, and CDs.

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Contact us today for more information about the Kaleidescape System and how we can implement it for you.

A dock apart

The Arcam rSeries drDock pushes the performance boundaries of iPod docking offering greater connectivity, wider compatibility and even better sound through a direct digital connection to the docked device.

Thanks to an ingenious new physical format the drDock is able to accommodate iPads as well as iPods and iPhones allowing an even wider range of apps and services to benefit from Arcam’s legendary sound quality.

Arcam drDock iPad Front

The drDock’s talents aren’t just limited to audio. An HDMI video output allows you to playback your favourite films and TV programmes directly to your home TV. The drDock also comes with its own IR remote handset but can also be controlled by the
Arcam Solo neo and Solo mini music systems plus many Arcam AV amps via their handsets too.

Built in a discreet cast aluminium case and supplied with a full compliment of connection cables and accessories the drDock can be ready to play your favourite music in minutes. The drDock’s USB connection also allows both syncing and charging of your device* while connected to a PC or Mac.

*Charging not available with iPad / PC combination but availble with all others.

Arcam drDock Back


  • Digital dock for iPod, iPhone and iPad
  • Stunning sound quality
  • Digital connectivity for audio and video
  • Full IR remote control (handset included)
  • HDMI Video output for TV connection
  • Control via Solo neo, Solo mini or Arcam AV Amps
  • Stylish cast aluminium caseCharges and syncs your device

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New High Performance Three-Stream WAP

The Industry’s Highest Capacity, Highest Performing Three-stream Ruckus ZoneFlex 7982 802.11n Smart Wi-Fi Access Point for Carriers and Enterprises

Ruckus Wireless

For enterprises and carriers requiring increased wireless performance, capacity, unparalleled ease of use and greater business value, particularly within high-density environments, the ZoneFlex 7982 is the most reliable and highest performing product in the industry. The ZoneFlex 7982 delivers consistent performance and maintains stable connections within high-capacity environments and to smart mobile devices that constantly change their location and orientation.

The simple variation of a device’s orientation can account for up to a 5x performance degradation among Wi-Fi products unable to adapt to such changes. To address these challenges, the ZoneFlex 7982 is the only three-stream 802.11n access point to combine dynamic polarisation diversity with adaptive antenna arrays and transmit beamforming to give customers up to a 4x improvement in Wi-Fi performance, signal gain and reception.

Ruckus ZoneFlex 7982 Inside

Ultra high performance and cost effective

  • Three-stream MIMO 3×3:3
  • Concurrent dual-band (5GHz/2.4GHz) support
  • 450 Mbps of user throughput per radio
  • Up to 9dB of signal-to-interference and noise (SINR) improvement and up to 15dB of interference mitigation
  • Transmit beamforming capable
  • Capable of supporting over 500 clients
  • Novel channel selection approach delivering up to 50 percent capacity gain over alternative background scanning approaches

Adaptive antenna arrays and Automatic interference mitigation

Ruckus Polarisation

  • 2 to 4 times extended range and coverage
  • Automatic interference mitigation, optimised for high-density environments
  • Dual polarised adaptive antenna arrays with 21 antenna elements and over 3000 antenna patterns for ultra-reliability

Concurrent support for HD IPTV, VoIP and Data

  • Support for isochronous, multicast IP video streaming
  • Four queues per client station
  • Delivers 30 concurrent voice calls, 100 simultaneous data users or 20 Mbps of guaranteed user throughput for over 100 meters (line of sight)

WiFi Diagram

Smart meshing increases flexibility, reduces costs

  • Smart Mesh Networking
  • Admission control/load balancing

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