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New multi-channel modules deliver forward and reverse phase dimming for any fixture or load

Designing unparalleled lighting systems has become a true craftsmanship for Crestron Home Automation. The firm has recently released expertly designed dimmer modules (CLX-1DIMU4 and CLX-2DIMU8) which support up to 8 channels of universal dimming for LED, 2-wire dimmable fluorescent, as well as incandescent, electronic and magnetic low-voltage lighting loads.

This offers even more convenience to System Integrators who now have to install less wiring and fewer components in your home. Crestron CAEN cabinets with multiple Universal Dimmers Modules can accommodate any home application. There are specifically designed dimmers for different fixtures and loads, making every lighting system application unique. Apply Crestron Toolbox™ to light up any space with a smooth dimming experience.

The module is easy to adjust and to operate, plus it doesn’t require a lot of power. Circuits can conveniently be serviced without shutting down your entire automation system. The dimmers are convection cooled and CEC Title 24 compliant.

Via Cresnet, ® Universal Dimmer Modules are integrated seamlessly into a complete Crestron control system. Control your entire home’s lighting from one place using any of your smart devices. Learn more about Crestron lighting solutions.

Contact 4ward-design today to develop a flexible system design to perfectly suit its purpose and your budget. Please note that some of the above mentioned products/apps/services are not available in South Africa.