Lighting the Way in Home Automation with Lutron Advancements

Never before has one been able to so confidently refer to their home as being ‘intelligent’. Lutron has always been at the leading edge of dimmable lighting technology and overall intuitive home automation. With continued advances in this field from such innovative partners, the boundaries of this new, well lit, playing field seem limitless.

Portable operating systems such as Apple iOS and Android have made controlling your intelligent home at distance a non-issue. Manufacturers of proprietary systems are increasingly developing their products to integrate with mobile devices. Whilst such mobile integration of home automation solutions is nothing new, the power, simplicity and scalability of the Lutron system are.

The latest example of Lutron paving the way in technology was the announcement of a Lutron app for the Apple Watch. Both pioneers in their fields, the partnering of the two brands couldn’t be more poetic. Although details of the Apple Watch are still very much on the low-down, some of the app’s functionality was revealed at the recent CEDIA Expo 2014.


Fusing with Apple’s signature ease of navigation, simple gestures will allow for full control of home and office lighting systems from the convenience of your wrist. What’s even more impressive is the application of ‘actionable notifications’. An example of this nifty technology is a pop-up message notifying the client that they appear to have left the house with their kitchen lights on, with a convenient ‘Turn Lights Off’ button beneath the message. Now that’s intelligent technology.

This type of control is fully scalable to exclusive homes with the Lutron QS system. For the exclusive homeowner, this means that all aspects of lighting from exterior electric lighting to daylight exposure are fully manageable. This system allows for seamless ambience control with lighting scene support to suit every mood or occasion.

The Lutron Radio Window Sensor forms part of the QS family and continually measures the level of natural light entering the space. The sensor enables the QS system to adjust lighting and shading for maximum comfort, accounting for bright external conditions or cloudy weather.

The Lutron QS home automation system goes far beyond superior lighting though. The technology can essentially control any electronic device with ‘on/off’ capacity. This home automation expands then into the control of geysers, under floor heating, pool pumps and even motorized shades and blinds.

So what does all of this mobile convenience and intelligent technology translate into? For the frequent traveler conscious of energy consumption, it means that coming home to a dark home and cold shower can be a much-welcomed thing of the past.


When leaving for a trip overseas, one could set their home to an energy-efficient state. In this state, the system would turn off all non-critical services and mimic the light use over the past two weeks. Before boarding the plane home, tired and tanned, one could deactivate the Energy setting. The system would then turn the geysers, under floor heating and other ‘welcome home’ devices back on. Upon their return, one would find their shower water heated, and their home warmed by under the floor heating. These settings are entirely customizable to suit each client’s unique home setup and comfort points.

These kinds of systems coupled with the Lutron App can not only revolutionize your way of living but also save you energy and therefore reduce household spending. It is a smart home solution that pays for itself over the long run.

Taking things even further is the application of building automation systems with Lutron Quantum. This overall control of entire office blocks, for instance, at distance also has implications for building energy management and overall company spending. A landlord can close the blinds and switch off all lighting on the entire floor of a building from their smart phone.

Office Exterior Light Shade Control

When installing such solutions through 4Ward, our System Designers will ensure that every system:

  • Meets current global standards
  • Is practical and easy to use
  • Is stable and scalable

Enquiries for these home and commercial solutions increase year on year both in South Africa and North of our borders. Smart, convenient technology is clearly here to stay. 4Ward intends to keep a finger firmly on the pulse of these innovations, continuing to partner with only the most forward-thinking brands.

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