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Home Automation

Every room in your home can now stream your all-time favourite content—with the all-new 4K Ultra HD multi-room video solution. Experience multiple video sources in various areas of your home, featuring the highest quality view and sound you could possibly imagine. It provides four-times the picture resolution of 1080p displays, and integrates with your Control4 Smart Home in mere minutes.

Home Automation Controller

New audio and video matrix switches were manufactured together with recently acquired tech firm Lead (aka masters in audio and visual distribution). The installation of these switches is easy and clean –swiftly applied to every room in your home. There are four matrix switches available each with their own unique features. All of them are exquisite and enable you take content from as many as 10 HDMI sources in your smart home to distribute to up to 10 rooms. With a single interface you can watch videos from Blu-ray, satellite, Apple TV, Roku, or even stream your favourite stored entertainment.

Learn more about the 4K model and how it is completely reinventing home entertainment.

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