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Special Announcement: 4ward-design lands new Red Bull project

4ward-design is excited to announce our successful bid to join the professional team creating a new home for Red Bull, Cape Town. Relocating from Black River Park to Granger Bay, the new Red Bull office will be the epitome of modern, sophisticated design, using the best of the best in technological advancements. The fast-track project is aimed for completion in just two months’ time, and involves a completely new audio visual design and fit-out.

In true Red Bull style, the pitching process was highly competitive, as several AV and automation companies vied for the project. The design had to deliver an exceptional, dynamic environment for both practical and entertainment purposes. In the end, 4ward-design stood out from the field as the ideal fit for this best-of-breed, high-intensity job.

While the design has yet to be fully finalised, we can reveal the following exciting technology that will be going into the brand new Red Bull Granger Bay office:


There will be a total of 4 boardrooms, all fitted with the latest technology.

The 12-seater boardroom will be used for high definition video conferencing using Polycom’s cutting-edge HDX7000 system. LED screens ensure crystal clarity for a truly life-like video conferencing experience.

The 20-seater executive boardroom will be used largely for presentations, with a state-of-the-art projection system. Crestron’s AirMedia will be used to bring mobile devices into play, creating an exceptionally functional and user-friendly, wireless, collaborative environment.

Two 6-seater boardrooms will also be fitted with top-of-the line audio visual technology.

Multiple Screen Digital Signage

The Red Bull brand is constantly on the go, and their office environment needs to both reflect and encourage that. 4ward-design will be using a multiple screen digital signage system to inject constant motion and activity into the workspace.

Reception will feature a 60” display, with 40” displays throughout the rest of the office space, showing multiple feeds on each screen for maximum impact and information. Feeds include Red Bull TV, up-to-date international sales figures, and live Tweets from the various celebrities and sportspeople supported by Red Bull around the globe.

To ensure the best quality across all displays at all times, 4ward-design will be using the latest HDMI over CAT6 high definition distribution system from Kramer.

High-Tech Entertainment

Entertainment features highly on the Red Bull list of priorities, and they go to extreme lengths to provide their teams with an inspiring and creativity-boosting environment. 4ward-design is excited to get moving on the installation of several systems that will bring their entertainment areas to life.

One of our personal favourites is the Red Bull Formula One simulator, renowned for providing the next best thing to getting behind the wheel of an actual Formula One car. 4ward-design will be installing this, along with the top-quality screens, and calibrating it for the best, adrenaline-inducing experience.

We’ll also be fitting high-powered audio to the full DJ desk and dance floor area, for a truly mind-blowing sound experience.

A full audio-distribution system will also be run throughout the office.

We look forward to an exciting and challenging two months on site with Red Bull, and will keep you updated on our progress as the project moves forward.

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