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Lutron appoints 4ward-design as new distributors in South Africa

4ward-design has recently been appointed by Lutron as official distributors of their entire range of energy saving, lighting solutions. Founded in the USA in 1961, Lutron is widely regarded as a leader in light control solutions for both residential and corporate applications. Projects such as the Guggenheim Museum in Barcelona, the Empire State Building in New York and London’s St Paul’s Cathedral have established Lutron’s reputation among home owners, architects and interior designers worldwide. Ian Holdsworth from Lutron, Southern Africa, comments, “In line with Lutron’s expansion throughout Africa, we are pleased to announce the appointment of 4ward-design as a distributor in the Southern Africa region. 4ward-design has established themselves as industry leaders in providing Video Conferencing, Home Automation and Light Control solutions in the Residential, Commercial, Hospitality and Education markets, which will re-enforce the synergy of the expansion plans of both Lutron and 4ward-design.”

Lutron Lighting Control

Although Lutron products have been available in South Africa for some time, the announcement of 4ward-design’s distribution rights is welcome news for the local architecture, design and building industries, who now have the benefit of a dedicated sales and technical support team. This is a brand which we are very proud to be associated with. Holding nearly 2300 patents, Lutron is not only a leader in terms of global market share, but also in research and development; constantly finding new ways to provide perfect lighting in the most energy efficient manner. Over the last 50 years, Lutron has expanded their range from initially offering the world’s first residential light dimming switch – which was invented by company founder, Joel Spira, in 1959  – to now include over 16,000 products available in over 100 Countries today. Since inception, Lutron has been recognised for their product innovation and energy efficiency.  In the USA, Lutron estimates that the installed base of its products saves nearly 10 billion kWh of electricity, or approximately $1 billion in utility costs, per year. Lutron Shades We believe that being selected as a distribution partner is due to our company’s National footprint, product expertise and 16 years’ experience in the Hospitality, Education, Corporate and Residential markets; We have the right procedures and infrastructure in place to provide technical support to architects, electricians, building contractors and interior designers; while our sales team and online store will ensure that the full bouquet of Lutron products is always available at an unbeatable price. We have been recommending Lutron to our clients for many years now and know the product range inside out.

First AV receivers with built-in home automation

Control4 and Sony have recently introduced the first AV receivers incorporating the Control4 automation features.

This is a step in the right direction from AV manufacturers partnering with home automation manufacturers to make every home users experience more simplified.  With technology playing an integral part in our everyday lives it must be simplified for the user to appreciate the real benefit.

The team at 4ward-design don’t specify the Sony AV range in South Africa because the after-sales support is not fantastic.  Sony outsource all their repairs to a 3rd party repair center, and those guys don’t care about the end user at the end of the day. Sony repairs have taken up to 6 months to come back to us, and that is unacceptable for the high quality service that we deliver to all our customers.

Besides the bad experience from Sony in South Africa it is still worth informing our customers that the new Sony ES receivers feature stunning 4K audio video quality, a rich selection of more than 30 streaming music and video services, and basic Control4 automation technology that easily adds lighting control to enhance the entertainment experience. Both receivers allow you to easily unleash the power of full Control4 automation and home control capability.

These are the two new AV receivers from Sony

Sony 5800

Designed for the high-end home theatre, the STR-5800ES is the Sony flagship 9.2-channel receiver with 130 watts per channel and 9/3 HDMI ports.

Sony 2800

The STR-2800ES is a 7.2-channel receiver with 100 watts per channel and 8/3 HDMI ports that gives consumers a universal remote alternative that provides an amazing AV experience.

Unlock the Power of Control4 Home Automation

Enjoy complete control in your home theatre, or your whole house by activating your full Control4 system.

Contact 4ward-design to find out how you can enjoy complete, personalised control over your lights, A/C and heating, security and door locks.

To get a taste of the kinds of things you can control with Control4, check out the Home Smart Home magazine.

The Future Of Technology In Higher Education Institutions

UNIGO, an online resource for college information in the USA, recently revealed that college students are more wired than ever before. According to findings, 98% of college students own a digital device with “a majority of undergraduates report owning more than 12 digital devices, including computers, laptops, printers, smart phones, webcams and digital cameras.”

While this data is not drawn from local soil, there is no reason to believe that these findings do not reflect, albeit in part, the statistics at tertiary institutions in South Africa.

We live in a time where immediate convenience is found at our fingertips. Conversations and developments happen on the double at the click of a button; and in a time where knowledge is more readily available than at any recorded time, educational facilities should not only take note – but embrace technological advancements aimed at achieving exactly this: convenience and extra time.

In education, time is a fundamental factor in achieving exceptional results through seamless execution and inevitably providing students with their fees worth. It occurs all too often that technology fails educators, wasting their prized time as well as that of their students. Technology is ever-cultivating and has transitioned teaching mediums from dreary chalk boards to expedient smart boards. It has also eliminated hours wasted on equipment set-up and repair by simply allowing an educator to walk into a personalised and automated lecture theatre.

Some higher Education institutions are waking to the fact that this is the future of learning and have opted to adopt these methods and technologies which ensure impeccable lectures and meetings, environmental sustainability and an efficient workforce. Tertiary institutions that have embraced this modern way of teaching are few and far between – and where archaic teaching methods reside, the student suffers.

The UNIGO study shows that students expect – and want – more technology on campus with “three out of four (who) don’t feel like their schools are using technology effectively enough”.

Campuses across South Africa should take note of this expressed need. It is that time of the year where tertiary institutions again begin their active campaign for a new group of undergraduates – a group of society which has been shown to be the more technologically advanced than any other previous generation. They are the i-Generation – and they demand effortless communication.

It is only natural to assume that tertiary institutions will opt to integrate technology into their classrooms as the latest systems are geared to saving students, facility managers and lecturers a considerable amount of time.

In addition, the advancement of technology also calls for the preservation of the environment. Efficient energy consumption is pivotal and a fundamental concern amongst the youth; tertiary institutions cannot preach sustainability and not put the practice to action.

Due to their excessive energy consumption and associated soaring costs, reducing the carbon footprint and saving energy should not be additional – but critical objectives – set by educational institutions.

It seems like a big ask, but the reality is that the integration of time, convenience and environmental integrity is as easy as installing an AV system which effectively meets these three needs. This technology is now readily available in South Africa – and, in the instance of Stellenbosch University – indications are that students are already reaping the rewards from the university’s forward thinking.

In South Africa education is a right. Shouldn’t students be allowed the best?

4ward appoints new Financial Manager

Henrien van der WaltWe take great pleasure in announcing Henrien van der Walt as 4ward’s new Financial Manager in Cape Town. Henrien comes with an impressive track record, having been involved in the Professional and Home AV market since 1999, she has also worked with the founding members of 4ward since 1999.

Henrien’s knowledge of a complicated industry played a fundamental part in securing her the position, and with this replaces Vivian du Toit as the company’s current Financial Manager.

Knowing the growing demands at 4ward, Henrien’s first task will be to employ three new staff members over the next few weeks to join her team at 4ward. In line with this three new technical staff members will also be employed in the Johannesburg office.

Comments Henrien: “I am very grateful with this opportunity and have been preparing myself for this position over the past 2 years.  I have been part of the 4ward team for so many years and know that accuracy and customer satisfaction is our no.1 priority.”

Vivian will be pursuing a career in Stellenbosch, which has always been a dream of his. We wish Vivian all the best with his new venture.

4ward joins Facebook

4ward joins Facebook

To all our Facebook lovers…. We have listened to your requests and launched our 4ward Facebook page on the 8th of June 2012.  We hope you enjoy the ongoing content and looking forward to your replies and Likes in the near future.

Click here to visit our new Facebook page!

Konkola Copper Mines appoints 4ward-design

Konkola Copper Mines appoints 4ward-design

Konkola Copper Mines PLC

Video Conferencing and Home Automation specialist 4ward-design has been appointed by Konkola Copper Mines to design an executive boardroom solution for their Lusaka Head Office.

Comments 4ward co-founder, Darryl Katz: “we are thrilled and honoured to be brought on board to deliver a seamless boardroom solution to KCM, Zambia’s largest private sector employer’s new Head Office.”

Konkola Copper Mines, an integrated copper producer, is a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources Plc, a London-listed diversified FTSE 100 metals and mining group with operations in India, Australia, Namibia, South Africa, Ireland and Zambia. KCM, currently in the process of opening their Lusaka Head Office has briefed 4ward-design to deliver a boardroom solution with a design which integrates and controls its various aspects via a Crestron control system.

“The elements that are to be controlled are the Polycom HD Video Conference System, control of all the VC lights, projector, motorised projector screen, blinds and the DSTV system,” adds Derek Olivier, co-founder of 4ward-design.

“This project will be in keeping with our philosophy, to harmonise our client’s technology experience by designing stable installations with specifically selected components and with the user experience in mind,” says Katz.