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Superior Audio Visual Systems for the Modern Home

Superior Audio Visual Systems for the Modern Home

Superior audio can be a definitive factor in the impression guests take away from a home. Audio visual systems form a core part of home and guest entertainment. Any avid entertainer understands how vital crisp, balanced sound is when showcasing a new playlist on an iPod or watching that latest film with friends. This post will outline the latest audio visual technologies at 4ward’s disposal, using a case study of a recent luxury home installation.

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CAD Software

Effective Supplier Collaboration with Smart Home Technologies 

We are often called in to assist clients with faulty systems installed by other operators. The larger issue lies not in the fact that so many systems end with faults, but that these instances go hand-in-hand with a lack of hand-over documents. In today’s world, we have ample smart home technologies to assist in system documentation. This post will outline how vital proper planning and documentation is for effective collaboration between parties involved in property development and maintenance.

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Lindy receiving her prize from_4Ward’s Co-Founder, Darryl Katz

Home Smart Home Campaign – 4Ward Design

4Ward ran an exciting brand awareness campaign aptly named ‘Home Smart Home’ between August and October this year. The campaign was intended to create brand awareness and generate engagement with the 4ward Design brand via an amazing R60 000 home theatre prize.

The campaign was highly effective. It resulted in noteworthy increased traffic to the 4Ward site, a very happy winner and some highly creative smart home technology ideas from entrants. This post will outline what the campaign was all about.

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We at 4Ward cannot wait to get our hands on a Node set-top box

The New Altech ‘NODE’ Demands Attention for Home Automation

JSE listed group Altron has recently revealed the release of the groundbreaking ‘Node’ device through its subsidiary, Altech. This video-on-demand set-top box is demanding some serious attention from those in the know. What’s exciting is that this technology poses as a possible alternative to DSTV. The home entertainment product goes far beyond this however, offering home theatre capabilities, Android integration and accessories for home automation and security.

JSE listed group Altron has recently revealed the release of the groundbreaking ‘Node’ device through its subsidiary, Altech

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Lighting the Way in Home Automation with Lutron Advancements

Never before has one been able to so confidently refer to their home as being ‘intelligent’. Lutron has always been at the leading edge of dimmable lighting technology and overall intuitive home automation. With continued advances in this field from such innovative partners, the boundaries of this new, well lit, playing field seem limitless.

Portable operating systems such as Apple iOS and Android have made controlling your intelligent home at distance a non-issue. Manufacturers of proprietary systems are increasingly developing their products to integrate with mobile devices. Whilst such mobile integration of home automation solutions is nothing new, the power, simplicity and scalability of the Lutron system are.

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Technology to Enhance Brand Communication

In today’s world, the average consumer is constantly flooded with marketing messages and brand information. In order to get noticed, a brand has to not only communicate their message clearly and consistently, but also stand out of the crowd wherever possible in order to be heard.

4ward-design recently completed the offices for Red Bull Cape Town. Now there is a brand that understands the importance of having a voice and getting that voice heard. They’re masters in the field of brand communication, both internally and externally, and when they awarded us the contract for their Cape Town office, it was difficult to contain our excitement at the prospect.

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automation into africa

Taking Automation into Africa

4ward-design may be a South African company, but our work is not confined to our country alone, and you can find 4ward-design projects in many places across the globe. Our position in South Africa, however, makes us ideally located to access what has become one of our fastest-growing markets: the African continent and the islands off her shores.

We are currently busy on projects in the Congo, Zambia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and the Seychelles, we have also completed projects in Tanzania, Ghana and Botswana.

The rising demand for automation, video conferencing and energy management systems in Africa can likely be attributed to the increasing numbers of local and international developers, investors and corporations becoming active in the region. Apart from the operational needs of these businesses, their presence has also sparked a need for world-class hospitality facilities and a desire for high-end residential installations as well. These three categories form the basis of 4ward-design’s work in Africa.

4ward-design’s projects in Africa

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new red bull office cape town

Special Announcement: 4ward-design lands new Red Bull project

4ward-design is excited to announce our successful bid to join the professional team creating a new home for Red Bull, Cape Town. Relocating from Black River Park to Granger Bay, the new Red Bull office will be the epitome of modern, sophisticated design, using the best of the best in technological advancements. The fast-track project is aimed for completion in just two months’ time, and involves a completely new audio visual design and fit-out.

In true Red Bull style, the pitching process was highly competitive, as several AV and automation companies vied for the project. The design had to deliver an exceptional, dynamic environment for both practical and entertainment purposes. In the end, 4ward-design stood out from the field as the ideal fit for this best-of-breed, high-intensity job.

While the design has yet to be fully finalised, we can reveal the following exciting technology that will be going into the brand new Red Bull Granger Bay office:
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General Trends and Forecasts for AV & Automation Systems in 2014

February saw the 4ward-design team heading off to the annual Integrated Systems Europe tradeshow in Amsterdam – one of the leading trade shows in the audio-visual and automation spheres. Targeted at the professional, custom-installation market, rather than consumer gimmicks, the show is an invaluable indicator of the direction the AV and automation market is taking, and which of the latest products and trends will be hitting the marketplace.

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