cavalli estate

4ward-design recently completed a high-end audio-visual and automation design and installation project at Cavalli – a luxury estate located in the Stellenbosch winelands.

The estate has undergone a two-phase development project, designed to enhance both their equestrian and function facilities. With their dedication to world-class standards, combining cutting-edge technology with timeless style, it was imperative that their audio visual and automation systems upheld the same high standards as the rest of the project.

Once the equestrian facilities were complete, 4ward-design was brought on board to specify, supply and install the technology that would go into the function and conference facilities, restaurant, wine cellar and private dining room and art gallery. Our brief was to create a world-class environment where ambiance and functionality all conformed to Cavalli’s high standard of excellence.

We are exceptionally pleased with the outcome of the project, which featured nearly 1.5million rand’s worth of cutting-edge technology. Here’s a brief rundown of what that included.

cavalli view of mountains

Function Hall

This 420m² space is designed to be multi-functional, and the audio-visual technology needed to meet this requirement in terms of both aesthetics and operation.

We chose a tension-mounted, large-format, motorised projection screen, for displaying visuals that can be seen from all parts of the room. The accompanying InFocus Large Venue Data Projector (IN5144A) is capable of projecting high-definition video and data, thus maintaining crisp quality on the large format screen.

A combination of 16 Bose speakers handles the audio distribution, which is managed by a combination of BiAmp and Cloud amplifiers and processors. The covered terrace and fire pit outside the function hall is also fitted with audio capabilities, linked to an iPod dock system that allows for mobile sound libraries to be accessed on demand.

The entire system, including lighting and motorised blinds, is controlled by a Crestron wall-mounted touch panel and a roaming iPad for mobile accessibility.

Meeting Rooms

Cavalli boasts three meeting rooms adjacent to its multi-purpose function hall. Each meeting room features Bose in-ceiling speakers, controlled by the same Crestron system and touch-panel as the function hall.

entrance portico cavalli


Ambiance is imperative in any restaurant environment, and a large part of creating that feeling lies in lighting and sound. 4ward-design fitted Cavalli’s restaurant with Bose speakers throughout, and a Crestron control system to manage the audio and lights. iPod docks serve as mobile sound libraries for easy control of playlists, accessible from the same Crestron interfaces.

Private Art Gallery

This 315m² space is located below Cavalli’s restaurant, and holds some incredibly valuable art. To light the art optimally, the ceiling was populated with long lengths of LED light strips.  A stretched canvass ceiling was then pulled over the LED strips creating  an even spread of lighting. This method of lighting is ideal because it’s not only perfectly even, but also displays colours with exceptional accuracy. In addition to this, LED lights have dramatically less UV than any other light source, making them safe for use on artworks that might otherwise fade or perish.

art gallery lighting and av installation

The art gallery is also fitted with Bose speakers throughout, linked to iPod docks that can be accessed using the roaming iPad for convenience. Playlists can be changed to suit the occasion by either browsing via the iPad, or plugging in an alternate iPod with your desired music choice.

Private Wine Cellar and Tasting Area

This area also serves as a presentation space, and is fitted with a 60” Samsung LED screen for displays. Bose speakers handle the audio in the space, and are again linked to iPod docks for access to a variety of playlists. The lights and audio-visual systems are all controlled by a Crestron touch panel and roaming iPad.

Private Dining Room

Another multi-purpose space, this dining room also needs to handle presentations at the 12-seater table. 4ward-design fitted a 60” Samsung LED screen with a local presentation patching system for user-friendly, but discreet presentation controls. A Crestron system manages these, as well as the lights, screen and sound, from a central, easy-to-use control panel or roaming iPad.

cavalli private collection

Emergency Systems

Since the Cavalli Estate caters to so many visitors, it’s important to put measures in place to ensure safe evacuation in the event of an emergency. To aid these efforts, 4ward-design patched all the audio infrastructure into the fire warning system, allowing announcements and alarms to be sounded through every speaker. The Crestron controls make activation and deactivation of alarms safe and convenient as well.

For more information on our work with Cavalli, or similar projects done by 4ward-design, please contact us.