Practical iPod® Network Audio Server

The Crestron iServer® is a practical and cost-effective network audio server solution utilising the popular Apple® iPod® as its engine. Designed for shelf or rack mount installation, the iServer provides a permanent housing for the iPod, adding high-speed Ethernet connectivity to enable full integration with a Crestron® control system while still allowing syncing with the iTunes® software.

The iServer also uses the latest Apple authentication chip, enabling high speed music library browsing and compatibility with the latest Apple products and features. The chip supports 6th generation (and later) iPod classic®, and any iPod nano®, iPod touch®, or iPhone®.

Simple Setup

Mounting the iPod device into the iServer is as simple as placing it in the front panel docking bay and connecting the docking cable. Once mounted in the iServer, the iPod becomes a permanent component of your entertainment system, although it is easily swapped out at any time to allow for upgrades or repairs.

Crestron iServer Back

Touch Screen Control

Integrating the iPod with your Crestron system enables full control and navigation using touch screens, keypads, computers, and handheld remotes anywhere throughout a residence or office. From any touch screen, you can search the entire iPod library by genre, artist, album and track, and even view album cover art.

Crestron iPod User Interface

Sync to iTunes® over Ethernet

Using USB-over-IP technology and Crestron Sync, the iServer allows the iPod to connect with any networked computer running Apple iTunes software without ever having to undock it from the iServer. Syncing the iPod to iTunes works the same as if it were hooked up with a USB cable, affording full capabilities for organising and transferring your music and video files, podcasts, audio books, and playlists anytime you want.

Audio and Video Distribution

Buffered outputs on the rear of the iServer enable audio and video signals to be fed from the iPod to your home theater or multiroom distribution system. Discrete composite and component video outputs are included. Both unbalanced and Crestron “CH” CAT5 balanced connections are provided for total compatibility with PROCISE®, Sonnex™, DigitalMedia™, Adagio®, and Crestron Home® systems, as well as with conventional third-party equipment.

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