Hollywood Tuned Full-HD 3D Projector

Yes I know this is not the latest 4K2K projector on the market but I thought it would be great to inform all our movie lovers that this is still the best valued Full-HD 3D projector on the market today.  The Panasonic PT-AE7000E was the first Full-HD 3D projector launched in the industry in September 2011 and still our favorite cost effective projector for Home Theatres and upmarket Corporate Boardrooms. No plasma, LCD or LED TV could ever complete with this projector in a controlled lighting environment.

Below a detailed breakdown of the PT-AE7000E.

The PT-AE7000E Full-HD 3D Home Cinema Projector was developed according to the Panasonic philosophy of providing images that mirror the directors artistic vision and intent right in your own home. The PT-AE7000E has also been redesigned from the ground up to achieve higher basic 2D performance, and packed with unique 3D features to deliver the level of quality demanded by Hollywood professionals.

Panasonic Picture

Intelligent Lens Memory with Auto Detection

Up to six settings can be stored in the Lens Memory, including zoom and focus positions for projecting in the normal 16:9 or 4:3 image ratio, and wide cinema projection settings. These memories can be recalled manually or can be set for automatic switching. The projector is able to detect 2.35:1 and 16:9 source and retrieve the stored setting automatically. This Lens Memory function lets you easily enjoy images with different image ratios on a wide 2.35:1 screen for an immersive movie theater-like experience.

Panasonic Lens Memory

2x Optical Power Zoom/Focus with Wide Lens Shift Range

A 2x optical power zoom/focus lens and a lens shift function together make it possible to project a 120-inch picture from as close as 3.6 meters (11 feet 10 inches) to the screen or as far as 7.2 meters (23 feet 7 inches) away. In addition, the image can be shifted ±100% vertically, and ±26% horizontally. This gives you outstanding setup flexibility. If you choose to ceiling-mount the projector, you can zoom and focus by remote control.

Panasonic Lens Shift

Waveform Monitor for Precise Calibration

With the PT-AE7000E you can view the waveforms on the screen and adjust the settings both automatically and manually as you prefer.

Panasonic Waveform

Advanced Gamma Adjustment Function0

The gamma curve can be flexibly controlled, allowing precise calibration according to the signal source and environment. Brightness (Y), R, G and B can each be adjusted at any nine points. Adjustment point positions can be shifted both horizontally and vertically to bring out the desired gradation level.

Panasonic Gamma

Split Adjust Mode for Easy Picture Adjustment

You can freeze any scene you wish, and then make adjustments while easily comparing the original image and the adjusted image side by side.

Panasonic Easy Picture

Cinema Colour Management Premium Enables Flexible Colour Control

This color correction system enables free color control in two different modes. The Point Color Correction mode lets you pick a point in the image and adjust that color without affecting the neighboring colors. The Six Color Correction mode enables independent adjustment of red, green, blue, cyan, magenta and yellow.

Panasonic Adjust

Abundant Connection Terminals

HDMI™ with x.v.Color™ and Deep Color

The PT-AE7000E has three HDMI input terminals for digital transmission without image degradation. The HDMI input terminals also support Deep Color and the x.v.Color color space. Deep Color provides 10-bit (over 1.07 billion) and 12-bit (over 68.7 billion) color depths for smooth gradation between colors, while x.v.Color compliance reproduces natural, lifelike images.** Effective in Rec. 709 image mode.

Programmable 12V Trigger for Automated Theater Setup

Two 12V triggers are provided.* Since the input and output can be set independently (menu selectable), they can link flexibly with powered screens, room light and powered curtains. When combined with the Intelligent Lens Memory, they let you create a truly classy home theater.* The trigger terminals also operate as the 3D shutter outputs to connect the optional 3D IR transmitter ET-TRM110.

Panasonic Rear Inputs

VIERA Link for Easy Operation

The PT-AE7000E supports VIERA Link. If your home theater system contains VIERA Link-ready equipment, projection can be started by using only the remote control unit of the PT-AE7000E, regardless of whether the source is a Blu-ray Disc or a TV program stored on an HD recorder. This eliminates the need for hassling with several remote controls.** Cannot be used simultaneously with TV that supports VIERA Link. Some operations may not be available depending on the equipment. In this case, use its own remote control to operate the equipment.

Panasonic Vierra

Up to 5,000 Hour Lamp Replacement Cycle* and Simple Maintenance

Panasonic’s proprietary lamp drive system helps maintain lamp performance, resulting in a up to 5,000-hour lamp replacement cycle. For easy maintenance, you can replace the filter from the side and the lamp from the top of the projector. The dust filter and lamp are easily replaced even after the PT-AE7000E is installed on the ceiling.

Panasonic Lens Service

* When a lamp power is set to ECO. The lamp replacement cycle is up to 4,000 hours when the lamp mode is set to NORMAL. The values above are maximum values when they are used in cycles of being turned on for 2 hours and off for 0.25 hours. When the lamps are turned on and off more frequently, the lamp replacement cycle is shortened. The usage environment affects the lamp replacement cycle.

The true cinema widescreen experience

Like the guys from Panamorph would say… Who are we to argue with the greatest film directors of all time? If Spielberg, Lucas, Lean or Scorsese wanted us to watch their work framed by black bars, they would have filmed them that way. Over 70% of all major motion pictures are shot in the wider cinematic aspect ratio typically between 2.35:1 to 2.40:1, meaning their width is 2.35 to 2.40 times their height.

Unfortunately, when displayed on typical 16:9 flat panel TVs and projector screens, these beautiful, dramatic, and action-packed films are compressed to fit this smaller frame and sandwiched between two very noticeable and highly distracting black “letterbox” bars, which also represent a loss of brightness and resolution.

Which way would you rather watch movies?

Panamorph Image 16x9

Above is how a major motion picture look on a standard 16:9 projector screen or any flat panel TV. Do you recognise those irritating black bars at the top and bottom?

Below is how the same major motion picture look in true cinema widescreen format using an anamorphic lens systems on a 2.40:1 projector screen.

Panamorph Image 2.40x1

With an anamorphic lens you gain over 30% more brightness and resolution and a 80% larger image. With no black bars.

As you can see from the pictures above, when an anamorphic lens system is paired with a 2.40:1 projector screen and a compatible 16:9 HD projector, the full visual impact of what the film director meant for you to experience is now accurately replicated in the home theatre. Anamorphic lenses paired with HD projectors and 2.40:1 screens provide 80% more image area than widescreen movies shown on conventional 16:9 screens of the same height.

Yes, you read that right – 80% more immersive, dynamic, and involving.

Panamorph Lens Kit

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Pioneer SC-LX85 Powerhouse AV Receiver Now Available

Defy the limits of home cinema.

The SC-LX85 has it all, including selected audiophile enhancements, and you can use the included RF Remote to control all functions, even without the receiver being in your line-of-sight.

Besides a state-of-the-art class D amplifier that provides 9.2 surround sound in HD, a digital connection with your iPod, iPhone or iPad without dock, you get easy-to-operate worldwide internet radio (vTuner) and network streaming via DLNA (Windows 7 compatible) or Apple Airplay when you connect via LAN. LPCM, WAV, FLAC and other lossless formats are supported.

Compatible (free) smartphone/tablet apps include the advanced remote control app iControlAV2 and Air Jam, a Bluetooth-based social app.

Main specifications:

  • Output Power per Channel:190 W
  • Number of Channels: 9
  • Input Connections:

• 7 x HDMI (1080p upscaling)
• 1 x USB host
• 1 x iPod/iPhone Digital via USB (cable included)
• 1 x Ethernet
• 1 x Bluetooth adapter port for AS-BT200

  • AM/FM Tuner with RDS: Yes
  • Plays LPCM, MP3, WAV, AAC, WMA Lossless, Apple Lossless, FLAC (192 kHz/24-bit) (FLAC via LAN only)
  • HD Audio Formats: Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS-HD High Resolution
  • Audio Return Channel: Yes
  • Stand-by Pass Through: Yes
  • Control with HDMI (+): Yes
  • HDMI Repeater: Yes
  • On-Screen Display (GUI)Easy-to-use GUI, available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch and Russian
  • Firmware updates: Yes (via Internet or USB)
  • AVNavigator: Yes
  • Internet Radio: Yes
  • vTuner: Yes
  • DLNA Certified: Yes (v1.5)
  • Windows 7 Certified: Yes
  • Remote Control Illuminated RF remote control with OLED screen
  • RF Remote: Yes (included)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D)435 x 185 x 442 mm

The LX range from Pioneer is the companies premium offering providing high end audio and video performance. The range comprises AV receivers and Blu Ray players.

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Bringing the cinema experience to your home

Recently we have noticed an upswing in the custom home theatre market. With rumours of the American movie houses releasing movies simultaneously at the cinema and on disc (for a premium off course) it seems this trend will continue. Factor in the price of admission, queues and stale popcorn and a movie outing isn’t that attractive anymore.

Different forms of media and integration across different media types ensures that a home cinema can be more than just a haven for movie enthusiasts. High definition audio and video has allowed the home user to experience picture and sound that surpasses previous expectations. Improvements in the technology continue daily and the performance envelope is constantly pushed.

Skip the queues stay indoors and experience the magic of a home cinema system…

To the home cinema novice the plethora of equipment available on the market can seem daunting. Integration of the various components? – more so.  Your choice of custom integrator can wholly shape your technology experience. Obtaining the right advice and the choice of equipment that matches your unique tastes and preferences is critical.

At 4ward we stay abreast of current trends and technology. It helps that our team consists of movie and music buffs that know what a great audio visual experience consists of. We have remained at the cutting edge of the home cinema sector by constantly evolving with the technology.

Our focus is to provide a custom home cinema experience that surpasses a client’s idea of his/her ideal setup.  Our design team can take your project from design concept through to the final commissioned room.

Over the years we have identified these fields as essential to a total home cinema experience:


An often underestimated aspect; careful attention and treatment of the room acoustics ensures that the maximum performance can be derived from the system

Equipment and speakers

Our range is tailored to match you requirements and budget. Whether you prefer your gear visible or hidden we provide a setup that caters for this whilst always providing the best audio visual performance.


Forget those uncomfortable movie house seats. Lay back and relax in seating suited to your décor and comfort requirements.


Integrated as part of the décor and the experience the lighting aspect can turn a dull cinema room into pure escapism.

Just a cinema?

Don’t limit the experience to movies – TV & Sport, Gaming consoles, digital media and high quality music can all join in and be a part of the experience.


Piece everything together with a simple to use control system. One touch control of the room allows you to relax in your favourite seat and control all aspects without the clutter of multiple remote controls. Forget to turn off the lights? Stay seated its taken care off.

Design & Project Management

We provide on/off site technical co-ordination. Our design team works with your project team to ensure that all aspects are covered. Your home cinema can be matched to the existing home décor or something unique.

Can’t wait? Contact our sales team to get the ball rolling.