LifeSize® UVC Video Engine™ for Microsoft® Lync™

HD Video Calls from the Desktop to the Meeting Room with LifeSize and Microsoft Lync.

The new LifeSize UVC Video Engine for Microsoft Lync works together with LifeSize 220 Series and LifeSize Passport room-based video systems to deliver the highest quality, most flexible and most cost-effective solution for continuous-presence HD video calls with Microsoft Lync.

Microsoft Lync

LifeSize 220 Series and LifeSize Passport video systems* are fully interoperable with Microsoft Lync, including registration, presence and click-to-call functionality. UVC Video Engine adds support for RTVideo to deliver the HD-quality meeting-room experience you expect from LifeSize, now with Microsoft Lync.

Ideal for organizations deploying Lync video calling at the desktop and in meeting rooms, UVC Video Engine works seamlessly with the embedded multipoint (MCU) in Room 220 and Team 220 to deliver continuous-presence HD video calls with Lync, instead of VGA and active-talker video from the Lync AV MCU.

HD Quality

Enjoy the LifeSize HD video experience in your Microsoft Lync environment with HD 720p video for natural, face-to-face interactions—the highest quality video call available with Microsoft Lync.


Deploy and grow on your terms with either hardware or virtual machine software options. Delivered via the LifeSize UVC Platform with scalable provisioning and growth, LifeSize Video Engine for Microsoft Lync offers you simple, web-based management and server administration.


Collaborate seamlessly with native Lync integration of LifeSize video systems, ensuring simple, easy setup and use. Bridge Lync with standards-based video calls and connect with non-Lync partners outside your company. LifeSize room-based video systems connect to both PCs and Macs through Lync and push presence and contact lists for easy, click-to-call functionality. LifeSize video systems utilize Microsoft Edge servers for firewall traversal, providing reliable calling and greater security.

LifeSize UVC Platform

LifeSize UVC Video Engine for Microsoft Lync is part of the LifeSize UVC Platform. Available as virtual machine software or hardware, the UVC Platform enables immediate deployment of LifeSize UVC Video Engine for Microsoft Lync with an easy try-before-you-buy option. With LifeSize UVC Video Engine for Microsoft Lync, you’ll maintain complete control of your HD video calls within the Microsoft Lync environment with simple, web-based management and server administration for more effective video collaboration, anywhere, anytime.

LifeSize® UVC Video Engine™ for Microsoft® Lync™

    • HD Quality Up to 720p30: Flexible Capacity. Buy what you need and scale as you grow
  • Flexible Deployment: Offered as virtual machine software or hardware appliance
  • Native Lync Integration with LifeSize 220 Series and LifeSize Passport: Registration, presenceand click-to-call
  • Continuous Presence: Embedded MCU in Room 220 and Team 220 video systems enable up to 4-way HD video
  • Transcoding: Lync RTVideo <-> H.264 for VGA and HD (720p) video calling with Lync
  • Simplified Management: Web-based management and server administration
  • Interoperable: Bridge Lync with standards-based video calls and connect with non-Lync colleagues and contacts outside your company

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New LifeSize® Room 220i™ now available

Your favorite HD video collaboration solution is now available as secure rack-mounted hardware—introducing LifeSize Room 220i. Now system integrators can set up HD video conferencing solutions in more places in less time. Enjoy the exceptional video conferencing experience that you’ve come to know and love—now in a new design.

Rack-mounted: Securely fits server racks, credenza racks or podiums

Video Quality: Full HD 1920×1080—30 fps; 1280×720—60 fps

HD Monitors: Connects up to two displays

HD Camera: 1080p30 HD and 10X zoom capability

Phone: Touch-screen controls both HD video and audio

External Audio, Video & Data Input/Output: Audio: 8 in, 4 out; Video: 5 in, 2 out; Data: 2 in, 2 out
LifeSize Room 220i Rack Mount
8-Way Multipoint Bridge: 4-way continuous presence with voice-activated switching

Secure Installation: Locking rear input/output connectors and internal power supply

Performance: Cooling system regulates temperature

System Status: Front reset button, LED display and IR

Rack-Mounted for Secure, Simple Setup by System Integrators

LifeSize Room 220i was designed to securely fit industry-standard server racks, credenza racks or podiums enabling fast, simple setup by system integrators. A premium cooling system regulates the temperature for optimum performance, while locking rear input and output connectors ensure secure and reliable installation—so you never have to worry about cables coming unplugged. The power supply is conveniently located inside, providing quick and easy access for installation. What sets LifeSize Room 220i apart from the rest is that it can easily integrate with custom third-party solutions, including AV equipment, thereby maximizing your organization’s existing investment in video conferencing solutions.

HD Quality for a Superior Video Conferencing Experience

The new LifeSize Room 220i delivers the same rich video conferencing experience that you’ve come to know and expect from LifeSize Room 220. It offers HD 1080p30 video for natural, face-to-face interactions and HD 720p60 video for the best motion handling with lower latency. The 8-way continuous presence 1080p30/720p60 multipoint bridge has voice-activated switching and enables users to see four visible sites at one time.

LifeSize Room 220i Back

Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Design Speeds Management for IT Staff

Managing and maintaining your HD video conferencing equipment should be quick and easy. With LifeSize Room 220i, you’re able to simply reset the system and quickly view the system status. Use the remote control and front IR display to swiftly manage the system—no more searching and seeking for the controls because they’re all conveniently located on the front of the system.

A Total Conference Room Solution

The new LifeSize Room 220i includes the rack-mounted video system, a remote control, LifeSize Camera 10x and LifeSize Phone—delivering a rich conference room experience. Rack-mounted. Intuitive design. LifeSize Room 220i will enrich your conference room experience and ease deployment and support for your IT team.

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For more information contact our sales team at or download the brochure here.

Touch-Screen Simplicity Now in the Conference Room

LifeSize® Phone™ Second Generation

The second generation of LifeSize Phone has arrived! LifeSize Phone puts the power to control both HD video and audio collaboration at your fingertips. The phone features an intuitive touch-screen interface so simple that anyone can use it. And when making a video call is as easy and fun as it is with LifeSize Phone, everyone will want to use it. Users can share content, control cameras, change layouts and add callers with ease. A separate remote control is no longer needed for HD video collaboration from the conference room.

Currently available exclusively with LifeSize Room 220, our premier endpoint, LifeSize Phone is unlike any other conference phone available on the market today:

Key Features

Simple to use – The intuitive touch-screen interface is so simple that anyone can use it

Optimized for video communication– The first touch-screen conference phone to enable both video and audio management from one device

Simplified operation – Context-sensitive UI reduces on-screen clutter

Flexible setup – Power over Ethernet (PoE) enabled and requires only one cord for setup

Greater voice pickup and clarity – Four low-noise microphones in a 360-degree array with advanced beam-forming technology provide total room coverage

Best frequency response – 90 Hz to 16 kHz delivers natural voice reproduction

Touch-screen simplicity:

  • Compelling high resolution touch screen removes complexity and makes it easier than ever to manage both video and audio
  • Share content, control cameras, change layouts and add callers with ease

Best-in-class audio quality

  • Greater voice pickup and reduced room noise through advanced beam-forming microphone technology
  • Acoustic echo cancellation and microphone background noise suppression provide superior vocal clarity

Is LifeSize Phone Right for You?

The LifeSize Phone is ideal for organizations that want to:

  • Deploy a total conference room solution. Available exclusively with LifeSize Room 220, the solution includes the codec, LifeSize® Camera 10x™ and the new LifeSize Phone.
  • Streamline the video communication purchase and eliminate incremental expense by buying fewer devices, such as a separate touch-screen panel.
  • Greatly reduce or eliminate training and IT help desk calls by providing users with the simplest-to-use video conference phone.
  • Elevate their video communication experience with the enhanced industry-leading audio available from the new LifeSize Phone.

The Result

Touch-Screen Simplicity

Almost anyone can walk into a conference room and initiate a conference immediately. LifeSize Phone reduces the amount of training and IT support needed to support calls from the conference room. And when it’s this easy to make a conference call, more people will want to collaborate over video and maximize the video conferencing investment.

High Definition Audio Conferencing to Hear Everyone Clearly

LifeSize Phone enables people to communicate effectively, whether working from a large conference room or a small office setting. For weekly executive and sales conference calls and regular project team meetings, audio conferencing needs to be productive.

Better Input—Complete Room Coverage

Because LifeSize Phone is powered by four high performance microphones with advanced beam-forming technology, it provides a seamless and immersive video conferencing experience. With improved room coverage over existing devices, LifeSize Phone is far more robust than existing systems that typically use directional, gated microphones with only one microphone active at a time.

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For more information contact our sales team at

Be everywhere… Live or On Demand

Broadcast yourself to hundreds or even thousands of viewers by utilizing Lifesize Video Centre.

Lifesize Video Centre enables effortless communication via the internet to PCs, laptops, smart phones and tablet computers. Simply push the record button and content will be available on-demand or live via the Lifesize Video Centre web interface.

Content is secured and viewership rights are managed by an administrator. Content is transmitted from continent to continent without network strain by utilizing Lifesize’s federation feature.  Automatic adaptive streaming optimizes live and on-demand videos for every viewer—desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. The viewing device automatically selects the best playback rate based on bandwidth conditions, thus ensuring a quality viewing experience with minimal delays or buffering, even on the smallest devices.

Broadcast lectures or your monthly meetings to customers and employees around the world, who can watch videos on their computers and mobile devices. Lifesize video centre is designed to integrate with third party applications and you can embed live and recorded videos in websites and social media tools.

Lifesize video centre is available in hardware and software versions in basic and feature-rich configurations.

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For more information contact our sales team at or click here to download the LifeSize® UVC Video Center™ Datasheet.

LifeSize® UVC Platform™

Video Conferencing Infrastructure for Ultimate Control & Flexibility

The LifeSize UVC Platform is the industry’s first integrated, virtualized software platform for video infrastructure—one that consolidates the capabilities of multiple products and makes them instantly available from one common interface.

“We’ve taken the traditional one-size-fits-all, fixed-capacity model and turned it upside down by offering choice and flexibility, coupled with incredible efficiencies.”

Raghu Belur, Vice President of LifeSize Bangalore Design Center

In creating our latest innovation, a whole new way to deliver video infrastructure, LifeSize started with a vision for Universal Video Collaboration—a set of guiding principles that focuses on flexibility, simplicity and performance. With the LifeSize UVC Platform, we achieved those goals and more. LifeSize UVC is the future—the technology that drives a more efficient way to manage and deploy video infrastructure to fit any IT environment.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

With many fixed-capacity video conferencing infrastructure products, you have to purchase, install and provision separate hardware devices. Today, all UVC applications are integrated on the LifeSize UVC Platform. Each can be turned on one at a time or in combination with other UVC applications.

Ultimate Flexibility



  • LifeSize UVC virtual machine software
  • LifeSize UVC 1100 hardware appliance


  • Buy what you need today
  • Buy more as your needs grow


  • Standard Edition
  • Enterprise Edition: Feature-rich for maximum capabilities

Key Benefits

  • Integrated platform—Efficiencies in time, resources, space, energy and costs
  • Virtualized software or hardware appliance—Flexible deployment to fit every IT environment
  • One UI, one login—Simplifies user experience; configure once, benefit across all applications
  • Free trial—Try any UVC application before you buy
  • Flexible licensing—Pay for only what you need; scale as you grow
  • Standard or Enterprise features—Pay for only the features you need today
  • Standards-based and interoperable—Works with existing video endpoints and infrastructure

Want to Try It Now?

You can try all LifeSize UVC applications via a free feature-rich trial. The trial can be activated from the LifeSize UVC Platform, available as a free virtual machine software download.

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Datasheet Downloads


LifeSize ClearSea

Mobile Video Conferencing

Now supports iOS 5 and iPhone® 4S

LifeSize® ClearSea™ is an enterprise-class client/server solution for desktop and mobile video collaboration. LifeSize ClearSea is open and interoperable; users can seamlessly connect from their desktops or mobile devices to any standards-based video collaboration system or infrastructure solution in seconds. LifeSize ClearSea Server is available as a hardware appliance or virtual machine software and includes a state-of-the-art HD desktop client for PC/Mac and Android/iOS smartphones and tablets.

Get the latest version of LifeSize ClearSea. Download the free trial.

LifeSize ClearSea is Ideal for Organizations That Want:

  • To broadly deploy HD video to hundreds or even thousands of users
  • The choice of a hardware appliance or virtual machine software
  • To connect PC and Mac remote and mobile workers
  • An integrated solution with NAT/firewall traversal for communicating inside and outside the organization
  • Flexibility through concurrent per port licensing plans
  • The ability to connect to any H.323/SIP devices

LifeSize ClearSea is Ideal for Users Who Want:

  • Full HD video quality (1080p) calls
  • Full HD video calls on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets
  • To host multiparty calls with up to three participants

Key Features

  • HD Video Quality: Full HD (1080p) video with natural, full-motion video
  • Operating Systems: Windows and Mac OS X
  • Mobile Support: Android and iOS smartphones and tablets
  • Open and Interoperable: Standards-based, endpoint agnostic; connects to any H.323/SIP device
  • Licensing Options: Concurrent use licensing per port
  • Flexible: Hardware appliance or virtual machine software
  • NAT/Firewall Traversal: Automatic built-in NAT/firewall traversal
  • Multiparty Calling: Connect up to 26 participants with multiconference support
  • Powerful Collaboration Tools: Real-time data sharing with H.239 presentation, embedded multiparty calling connecting up to three participants, ability to record and export video calls for later playback or sharing, and presence and text chat capabilities.

Experience universal video collaboration with true mobility—anyone, anywhere, now on any device. With the evolution of the mobile landscape, there has never been a better time to bring HD video collaboration to every worker, in every location, on every device to enable increased collaboration and maximize productivity. Enter LifeSize ClearSea—an enterprise-class client/server solution for desktop and mobile video collaboration that’s simple to deploy and scale across the enterprise. Designed for organizations that need to broadly deploy HD video communication to hundreds or even thousands of users, LifeSize ClearSea provides a flexible, interoperable solution for instantly connecting any desktop and mobile device to the meeting room.