Technology to Enhance Brand Communication

In today’s world, the average consumer is constantly flooded with marketing messages and brand information. In order to get noticed, a brand has to not only communicate their message clearly and consistently, but also stand out of the crowd wherever possible in order to be heard.

4ward-design recently completed the offices for Red Bull Cape Town. Now there is a brand that understands the importance of having a voice and getting that voice heard. They’re masters in the field of brand communication, both internally and externally, and when they awarded us the contract for their Cape Town office, it was difficult to contain our excitement at the prospect.

While 4ward-design generally has very little to do with the actual content or source of the information we help companies display, we particularly enjoy finding creative ways to get that content out in effective – yet practical – ways.

Red Bull has several channels feeding brand-relevant content to their staff and visitors within the office environment. Our challenge was to ensure maximum impact throughout the office space, without compromising on quality, functionality or reliability at any point. Here are a few of the ways we used technology to help Red Bull get their brand message across.


First impressions are vital, and if you’re planning on making a memorable impact, your reception area should be first in your communications arsenal. In the case of Red Bull, we used 1 x 65” LED display in reception, streaming HD content live from the Red Bull TV channel. While the display in itself is impressive, the feed also ensures anyone walking into the office gets an immediate insight into the adrenaline-fueled world of the Red Bull brand.

Red Bull Reception

Reception Screen and the Evoko 10” Panel outside the 20 seater boardroom.

Boardrooms and Meeting Rooms

Next in the line-up of important areas for making a lasting impression are your boardrooms and meeting rooms – the places outside visitors are likely to spend most of their time.


Meeting Room - Red Bull Cape Town

Meeting Room Cape Town

Room Exteriors

The first thing guests at Red Bull will notice when going into a meeting is the full colour, 10” EVOKO display panel adjacent to every meeting and boardroom’s entrance.

These state-of-the-art panels display relevant information about each meeting room, including a welcome message, room availability and scheduling, and even meeting agendas. They integrate at server level with a variety of Microsoft systems such as Exchange and Office 360, allowing remote bookings via PC calendars, or direct bookings on the panels themselves.

The effect: impressive functionality, clear communication, and a super-slick, high-tech appearance in keeping with the Red Bull corporate identity.


Room Interiors

Impressions made outside the meeting rooms have to be carried through on the inside as well, and Red Bull wanted to ensure their fast-paced, high-resolution and graphic-rich marketing material could be displayed in these areas to maximum effect.

Red Bull Office

Evoko 10” panel outside the 20 seater boardroom.

To us, that meant being able to display visuals in large format with the same quality as they would have had in their original format, as viewed on the “uber Mac” of the designer, producer or marketing manager responsible for their creation. To do this, we installed ultra-high-resolution professional projectors, calibrated for accurate colour reproduction and superior black levels.

To kick the experience up a notch, we also installed Barco ClickShare Wireless Meeting Room solutions, which allow up to eight users to wirelessly connect to the projector at the same resolution. Optional controls are available via a free Android or iOS app that allows smartphones and tablets to be added to the mix with ease.

General Office Space

It’s easy to overlook the general office space when your goal is making an impression, but Red Bull are fully aware of the value of carrying their brand’s message through to each and every member of their staff.

Red Bull Staff area and screens.

Red Bull Staff area and screens.

To help them achieve this, 4ward-design installed around 20 display panels of various sizes throughout the general office space, staff entertainment areas and canteen. All the panels stream content from the A-Media media PC, which takes various input sources and combines them into a multi-image, split-screen display. Red Bull TV, Twitter feeds from Red Bull athletes, sales performance information and a selected DSTV channel can all be viewed simultaneously throughout the office, keeping staff members up to date on all aspects of Red Bull news.

Red Bull Office

Red Bull employees enjoying the gaming area.

By combining a variety of state-of-the-art communications and display technology, Red Bull has effectively carried their brand message and corporate identity through into every area of their new office space. It was a thrilling project to be part of, and 4ward-design looks forward to seeing more and more businesses embracing the power of technology to further their own brand messages.

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