The importance of thermal management

Why is thermostatic control important?

  • Extends equipment life
  • Minimizes noise
  • Reduces service calls

Currently one of the biggest omissions from an AV installation design is the lack of thermal management. I have noticed this in both the corporate and residential markets whereby equipment is installed with no ventilation or extraction present. The end result is that the equipment operates above the recommend manufacturers specification and starts overheating and failing.

Thermal management solutions from manufacturers like Middle Atlantic have been designed and engineered to integrate aesthetically into any environment with little to no impact on the end user.

Intelligent technology such as thermostatic fan control ensures that the electronics system will run optimally by monitoring system temperature and signaling fans to run automatically when necessary, benefiting the client as well as the installer.

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COMP-COOL Component Cooler

Middle Atlantic Comp CoolerRemove heat right at the source. Optimised for components on open shelving, this quiet cooler turns on automatically when satellite/cable boxes, receivers and other heater generating components get too hot. Place the component cooler directly on top of equipment vents. The COMP-COOL-3 is available for systems that require multiple components to be cooled.

The low-profile unit produces minimal noise and fits beneath most equipment. Rubber discs are included to raise the height of stacked equipment if necessary.

New, more powerful 50 CFM models now available in stand-alone or platform versions which are ideal for stacked components.

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Middle Atlantic Comp Cool50

Middle Atlantic Compcool50

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CAB-COOL Cabinet Cooler

Middle Atlantic Cabinet Cooler Remove heat generated by components located in smaller cabinets and entertainment centers. Operating only when needed to minimize dust, this quiet cooling device features an aesthetically designed vent that can be painted to match its environment.

The quiet, internal fan activates automatically when temperatures generated by hot-running equipment reach damaging levels.

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CLS-COOL Closet Cooler

Middle Atlantic Closet CoolerCloset cooler removes heat from closets where small rack systems are located. Two solid oak vents will be visible and can be stained or painted to match any room’s décor.

This cooling solution runs only when needed, mounts to closet doors and is available with an active exhaust and passive intake for closets with gaps, or an active exhaust and active intake for tightly sealed closets.

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DUCT COOL Long Pull Vent System

Middle Atlantic Duct CoolDuct Cool™ is a long pull vent system that allows you to manage the heat in closets quietly and effectively. At the heart of the system is a powerful state-of-the-art mixed flow fan capable of pulling heated air from up to 25 ft. away.

Duct Cool™ features a temperature probe that allows the unit to run only when needed, turning on automatically at 88° and turning off at 85°, further reducing noise. An optional thermostat is offered to provide more control.

The system can be installed easily to exhaust to an attic or crawlspace. Duct Cool™ ships as a complete system and includes all of the hardware necessary for a successful installation.

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Middle Atlantic Duct Cool2

    • Air intake
    • High powered mixed-flow fan with 9 ft. power cord
    • Mounting plate
    • 25 ft. of flexible insulated duct
    • 30 ft. temperature probe
    • Mounting hardware

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