The true cinema widescreen experience

Like the guys from Panamorph would say… Who are we to argue with the greatest film directors of all time? If Spielberg, Lucas, Lean or Scorsese wanted us to watch their work framed by black bars, they would have filmed them that way. Over 70% of all major motion pictures are shot in the wider cinematic aspect ratio typically between 2.35:1 to 2.40:1, meaning their width is 2.35 to 2.40 times their height.

Unfortunately, when displayed on typical 16:9 flat panel TVs and projector screens, these beautiful, dramatic, and action-packed films are compressed to fit this smaller frame and sandwiched between two very noticeable and highly distracting black “letterbox” bars, which also represent a loss of brightness and resolution.

Which way would you rather watch movies?

Panamorph Image 16x9

Above is how a major motion picture look on a standard 16:9 projector screen or any flat panel TV. Do you recognise those irritating black bars at the top and bottom?

Below is how the same major motion picture look in true cinema widescreen format using an anamorphic lens systems on a 2.40:1 projector screen.

Panamorph Image 2.40x1

With an anamorphic lens you gain over 30% more brightness and resolution and a 80% larger image. With no black bars.

As you can see from the pictures above, when an anamorphic lens system is paired with a 2.40:1 projector screen and a compatible 16:9 HD projector, the full visual impact of what the film director meant for you to experience is now accurately replicated in the home theatre. Anamorphic lenses paired with HD projectors and 2.40:1 screens provide 80% more image area than widescreen movies shown on conventional 16:9 screens of the same height.

Yes, you read that right – 80% more immersive, dynamic, and involving.

Panamorph Lens Kit

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