Turn your mirror into a LCD TV display

The MIRROR IMAGE® product lines from ad notam® are designed to integrate a customised LCD TV behind a glass or mirror surface manuafactured by ad notam®. The stylish slick looking glass and mirror finishes are manufactured with an exclusive factory calibrated LCD monitor that is designed to seamlessly blend into the overall design.

This complete product line offers a user-friendly, cost-friendly alternative to the custom products offered by ad notam®. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing environment or designing a completely new one, the MIRROR IMAGE® product line is sure to elevate your TV experience to a whole new level.

All the ad notam® products are made in Germany, custom-engineered and use the latest LCD technology. They are exclusively designed to overcome the unique challenges of operating in ventilation deprived environments and to allow easy and adjustable mounting. The unique magnet mounting system is distinctively designed to suit all particularised placements behind any glass or mirror surface.

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For more information contact our sales team at sales@4ward-design.com or click here to download the complete MIRROR IMAGE® catalogue.

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