Video conferencing furniture

Video conferencing is quickly becoming the standard mode of communication within the commercial environment. Bracket manufacturers such as Vogel’s is capitalizing on this trend with their recently released range of VC specific furniture.  The furniture caters for all necessary equipment and cabling and is ideally suitable for the modern techniques of video conferencing. The Vogel’s video conferencing furniture provides stylish integration of video conferencing equipment in almost all environments. Integrated wheels ensure ease of movement.

Vogels PFA 9110 Video Conference Trolley

Display mounting

In order to mount one or two displays, one can choose the Vogel’s Connect-it interface bar and strips to create the perfect solution.  A special holder (PFA 9110) can be used in order to mount a video conferencing camera or loudspeaker. The aluminium panel on the front can easily be removed, allowing access to the interior of the cabinet where a codec and other peripheral equipment can be stored. In addition to video conferencing, this furniture is also ideal for use as a kiosk.


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PFF 5100 with display speaker camera PFF 5100 with display portrait  PFF 5100 open front  PFF 5100 detail bottom PFF 5100 detail side

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