There’s nothing quite as effective as face-to-face communication, especially when dealing with more than a few individuals. Unfortunately, getting all parties to and from meetings can eat up valuable time and resources. With many businesses operating on national and global levels, time loss and travel expenses can become a sizable burden. As a result, more and more companies are turning to Video Conferencing as an affordable and effective way to keep group communication channels open.

The Way of the Future

There’s nothing quite as effective as face-to-face communication, especially when dealing with more than a few individuals. Unfortunately, getting all parties to and from meetings can eat up valuable time and resources. With many businesses operating on national and global levels, time loss and travel expenses can become a sizable burden. As a result, more and more companies are turning to Video Conferencing as an affordable and effective way to keep group communication channels open.

Key Benefits of Video Conferencing

Affordable: With bandwidth costs on the decline and internet speeds improving, Video Conferencing is now both affordable and reliable in South Africa. When compared to the costs of travelling to and from various locations, Video Conferencing is undoubtedly the most affordable face-to-face group communication solution.

Fast: Video Conferencing allows you to connect instantly with contacts all over the world, giving your team the ability to respond faster to industry or project challenges. This not only increases overall efficiency and professional reputation, but can be the source of a significant competitive edge.

Simple: A good Video Conferencing setup is extremely user-friendly. With proper planning, even the most sophisticated system is easy and intuitive to use. If you’re not sure how to achieve the perfect balance of function and simplicity, consider taking advantage of 4Ward’s design and consultation experience to ensure the best solution for you.

Scalable: Video Conferencing can be an affordable and effective communication solution for businesses of all sizes, from large multinationals to SMEs. 4Ward’s design team will help you select the most appropriate solution for your application, tailored to meet your specific communication needs.


Video Conferencing Applications

Business: Gather key players from anywhere in the world to participate in a conference with no long flights, no accommodation expenses, and no lengthy planning necessary.

Media: Participate in international press conferences without ever leaving your offices. Even junior staff can attend, to gain valuable experience, without incurring extra costs.

Law: Offer real time testimony by individuals who cannot physically attend court proceedings, or conduct depositions across cities and oceans.

Education: Share lectures, information exchange and group analysis exercises in real time with other educational facilities or collaborate with guest lecturers, and conduct cross-institutional research projects.

Healthcare: Conduct group consultations and long distance diagnostics to increase the success rate of complex cases and reduce manpower shortages in rural locations.

The 4ward Approach to Video Conferencing

At 4Ward, our focus is on the user experience. Using advanced technology we deliver Video Conference Systems that not only facilitate, but enhance collaboration between colleagues, partners and clients. Connect as if you’re face-to-face from a thousand kilometres away.

Overall HD Experience

4Ward’s superior HD Video setup means you won’t miss a thing in video conferencing meetings. Catch every gesture, every movement and every word. With intuitive touch screen interfaces and remote controls, everything is beautifully simple and puts you firmly in the picture.

Unique Flexibility

Our solutions are easily deployed on any IP or ISDN network, delivering the best bandwidth and performance in its class. There’s no costly network build-out or expensive additional equipment required.

Lowest Cost of Ownership

All our solutions are priced for broad use; there are no hidden costs. With the lowest acquisition cost, and lowest total cost of ownership, 4ward-design makes the HD video conference experience accessible to anyone and everyone.

Video Conferencing Consultation and Design

For successful and effective video conferencing, the design phase is a vital step that should never be overlooked. It’s the perfect time to explore the best options for your present and future needs, and lay the proper foundations for a solution that is tailored to your precise requirements.

Important factors to consider during this phase include:

  • Current requirements
  • Projected usage
  • Potential growth/future requirements
  • Spatial or infrastructural limitations
  • Integration with architectural elements
  • Budget

Remember: A well-designed solution is not just faster and more efficient to install, but more cost-effective in the long term. After all, the most expensive cable to run is the one you forgot to lay in the first place!

Design Services

The 4Ward Design Team, based in Cape Town, have successfully designed hundreds of high-quality video conference solutions for a range of applications. Why not take advantage of our extensive experience and let our specialists guide you through the essential planning phase.

4Ward’s design service is available to all our sectors (residential, commercial, hospitality and education) – it’s the easiest way to ensure you get the best solution for your needs, and that your installation goes smoothly from day one.

The design service is comprehensive, covering all the planning and specifications required for your custom video conference solution. Detailed drawings and documentation are provided in industry-standard formats, for effortless integration into larger construction projects.

Keep your Architect happy: All 4Ward’s design documentation is created using industry-standard software (AutoCAD, D-Tools and Visio), making integration into architectural schematics quick and easy.


To arrange an appointment with a 4Ward consultant, or discuss costs based on your project’s specific requirements, please contact us directly.

If a bespoke consultation and design service is not for you, consider using one of our tried and tested Standard Systems. These pre-packed, pre-configured video conference systems are cost-effective and simple to install. They offer our most commonly requested features in various categories and price tiers, and are built to the same, stringent quality standards as all 4Ward components.

Standard Video Conferencing Systems

Over the years, as bespoke audio-visual solutions and home automation specialists, we’ve noticed an increasing need for pre-designed and configured systems for various sectors. In response to this need, we’ve put together several pre-packaged solutions that encompass our most commonly requested features across all sectors. These include video conferencing as well as home automation, home theatre, and audio-visual solutions.

Designed for DIY installation, and particularly well-suited to sites that are remote or difficult to access, these pre-packaged systems are convenient to ship, easy to install, and contain all the parts you’ll need to get up and running. They carry a 12 month guarantee (unless otherwise stated), and provide the same quality experience you’ll get from every 4Ward solution.

Every Standard System ships with:

  • All hardware
  • All cabling (which is terminated, colour coded and labelled)
  • Pre-configured settings
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Easy-to-follow set-up notes

The systems are all packaged and shipped from the 4Ward Head Office in Cape Town, South Africa. To find out more about the standard video conference systems available, please contact us.

Service Level Agreements

Why is it important to service my video conference system?

Without proper maintenance, you may begin to notice a slow deterioration in the performance of your video conference system. This can be caused by something as simple as a layer of dust collecting on the wrong surface, or by more complex issues such as firmware that needs to be updated, or components that are no longer functioning properly.

Consumable parts also need to be replaced from time to time, and dead batteries, burned-out lamps, and damaged or blocked ventilation fans are not only an annoyance, but can cause lasting damage to other system components if they are not replaced.

So how do you ensure your video conference setup is always running at optimum levels?

4Ward recognises that many of our clients do not have the capacity to correctly maintain their audio-visual and video conference systems internally. For this reason, to avoid system deterioration and reduce disruptions and potentially expensive repairs, we highly recommend our SLA to clients in all our sectors.

What is an SLA?

4Ward’s SLA, or Service Level Agreement, is an optional, renewable, 12 month maintenance contract, designed to protect your technological investment and optimise your usage experience.

Benefits of having an SLA include:

  • A dramatic reduction in the likelihood of system performance deterioration, failure or downtime, with scheduled, preventative checks and maintenance of critical equipment.
  • Any faulty equipment will be swapped out for the same or similar while the original part is being repaired – minimal downtime.
  • Pay cost price for goods repaired during the SLA period.
  • Receive priority technical support.


The cost of an SLA is based on one of two models:

  • A percentage of the total cost of all head-end equipment or
  • A percentage of the total project cost, excluding labour.

The choice of model is based on the risk associated with the SLA, and is the decision of the Sales Executive handling the project.

For an accurate SLA estimate based on your specific requirements, please contact us.