Why 4ward uses Black Diamond screens!

Screen Innovations’ (SI) Black Diamond Fixed range changed the AV industry in 2007 by allowing all projectors to perform well in both bright and dark environments giving customers the ability to utilise projection in applications where only flat panel TVs could exist before.

Featuring Screen Innovations’ proprietary screen material, the Black Diamond screen is able to reflect the light from your projector back with so much potency it actually increases the contrast ratio of your projector by more than 300%. Now you can use your projector in a well-lit space. No more concerns about limiting your boardroom or home theatre to a room with controlled lighting!

SI’s elegant Black Diamond Reference Series projector screens set the standard for high-end fixed screens. Black levels are deep and light scatter is reduced by more than 75%.

If you are looking for the ultimate room decor, any of SI’s screen accent color options can be added to the luxurious 3.5-inch beveled frame.

See how the Black Diamond increases contrast ratio and black levels

Black Diamond Reference Fixed Frame Screen Specs:

  • Sleek 3.5″ velvet contoured frame
  • Patented bungee attachment system perfect flat and uniform projection surface
  • Screen Sizes ranges from 80″ to 113″ diagonal
  • Black Diamond G3 HD 2.7 gain, Black Diamond G3 HD 1.4 gain or Black Diamond G3 HD 0.8 gain material options
  • Lifetime replacement policy
  • Warranty and Lifetime Replacement Program: Screen Innovations has a one-year warranty from manufacturing defect. Screen Innovations also offers a 30-day return policy for non-damaged, unopened products. If returned unopened, there is a 25% restocking fee. Otherwise, there is a 50% restocking fee. No returns are allowed after 30 days. However, should your screen later require repair or replacement, Screen Innovations offers a lifetime replacement policy with a replacement screen at 50% off of retail price. This discount is not applicable for product upgrades.

The Black Diamond is available in three gains.

SI Black Diamond Samples

Black Diamond G3 2.7 Silver – for extremely bright rooms and outdoor applications
Black Diamond G3 1.4 Black – for rooms with high brightness
Black Diamond G3 .8 Black – for dim to dark rooms

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SI Black Diamond Bunji System

SI’s new patented bungee system is the most cutting edge projector screen attachment available. The new bungee systems allows for a fast and easy one person installation and ensures that every screen is 100% uniform.

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  • Custom Sizes
  • Custom Aspect Ratios
  • 16:9 up to 113″ diagonal
  • 2.35:1 up to 142″ diagonal
  • 3.5″ Deluxe Aluminum Velvet Frame
  • CURVE Option
  • Ships in a 10×10″ box

Why CURVE Your Black Diamond Screen?

Why Curve Your Projector Screen Curved screens help compensate the pincushion distortion that occurs when an expansion-based anamorphic lens is used because an inward-curving screen naturally produces a form of “barrel” distortion which can partially compensate for the “pincushion” from the lens. As you can imagine it can be complicated to determine how much curvature you need in the screen to compensate for how much distortion is in your short throw-ratio installation. But even in a general sense, the higher the throw ratio, the less noticeable the distortion, and therefore the less of a “need” for a curved screen.

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